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compare and contrast

Compare and Contrast: I don’t mind admitting that some of the code I used is putting these pages together I pilfered from other sources. However, I’d like to think that there’s a big difference between adapting someone’s elses HTML to come up with a fresh design, and copying the whole damn thing wholesale. I’m wondering if maybe, just maybe, the web designers behind the Amstel Webcam took a cheeky peek at the site belonging to superclub Cream before proceeding with their commission.

the last page

Theories abound as to which is the last page on the Internet – there are trillions of pages yet surely, as I’ve told myself many times, they must finish somewhere. After spending several months researching the issue, I’m still no nearer to locating the exact final splash of HTML, but I have the field narrowed down to a few candidates. It could be this one. Or perhaps it’s this little beauty. Several of my colleagues are convinced that this must be the one, especially as it includes a link to the very first Internet page. I’m pretty sure I’ve found the second-last page, but it links to a final page which isn’t one of the ones I’ve already mentioned, so I can’t really be certain.

Bad country

Thankyou brainsluice. Last weekend, over a bottle or two of Kuak, I was having a drunken conversation with one of my flatmates about the greatest Country & Western songtitles of all time. He mentioned that out there, floating round the Internet, there would be a comprehensive list that included all our favourites. Waking up the following afternoon and remembering very little of what had been said the night before, I neglected to perform a search for “Oh, I’ve Got Hair Oil On My Ears And My Glasses Are Slipping Down, But Baby I Can See Through You” etc etc. Then the man behind brainsluice linked to blogjam, so I paid a visit and read a little more of Dave’s blog, and discovered just what I’d been looking for. Once again, thankyou.

naked celebrities

From left to right: David Blaine, Leonardo Di Caprio, Tobey McGuire. These men aren’t wearing pants. Especially Tobey, who really isn’t wearing pants. One gets the feeling that drugs may have contributed to this quite startling scenario.

Presidential Crash

Damn and blast. I just wrote a mammoth, ahem… serious blog on the debris and fallout from the US Presidential elections as we near Saturday’s Inauguration, when my browser crashed and the whole lot went the way of Al Gore. So I’ll just settle for this piece about Dubya’s addiction to the African hallucinogen Ibogaine.


Go on, little fella

Everybody together: Aaaaaaaah…

ten worst corporations of 2000 presents the ten worst corporations of 2000.

  • Aventis: Guilty of selling food not fit for human consumption.
  • BAT: Guilty of smuggling tobacco.
  • BP/Amaco: Guilty of polluting the Alaskan environment.
  • Doubleclick: Guilty of intrusive business practice.
  • Ford/Firestone: Guilty of knowingly selling goods that lead to the deaths of 35 people.
  • Glaxo: Guilty of contributing to the AIDS epidemic in Africa by pricing helpful drugs out of the reach of those who need them most.
  • Lockheed Martin: Guilty of using human guinea pigs to test rocket fuel containing pollutants.
  • Phillips Petroleum: Guilty of unsafe working practices, after the most recent in a series of fires at its Houston plant left 71 people dead.
  • Smithfields Foods: Guilty of wrecking both farm economy and farming country.
  • Titan International: Guilty of union busting and illegal employment practices.

Ever get the feeling you’d be safer on another planet?

Blogger generation conflict

A generation conflict is growing. The “original” bloggers don’t appreciate the new ones. Lately I’ve been reading loads of these kinds of rants. Maybe he’s right, too. But who cares?