Uses of The Internet

Six great and various uses for the Internet

1.”This site is dedicated to the best culture of hooligans the world has ever produced. These people have been classed as NEDS, and only can been seen in the Glasgow area. They have the most original fashion sense with their kappa track suits with their socks pulled over the bottoms, their baseball caps wore at a 45 degrees angle and plenty of gold jewelery.” This is the introduction to Neds-R-Us, a guide to Glasgow’s finest, which includes a page dedicated to the alcoholic’s favourite tipple Buckfast, and more, much more…

2. The Labour Party get voters to do what their PR people should be doing. Cheapskates. (Via Dave)

3. A guide to Rectal Foreign Bodies. Invaluable. It even reveals the sad truth about gerbilling.

4. Piglog. No, not a weblog, but a device for measuring pigs prior to slaughter. Step three is demonstrated below. (via Franza)


5. A Tiramisu Portal. Yummy.

6. A guide to celebrities with missing fingers.

Thankyou, Tim Berners-Lee.