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Kiwiness Quiz

I’m a little concerned, as I seem to be in danger of losing my Kiwiness. Although I left New Zealand over twenty years ago and have only been back twice, I fully expected to score maximum points at the The Waitakere Rovers Kiwiness Quiz. But 17 out of 20? I’m embarrassed.

Rob Lowe

Rumours that Rob Lowe submitted pictures to this site remain unfounded.

valentine response

Send a Valentine’s Card, only to be greeted by a stoney wall of silence? Here’s your next step.


I discovered a link in my referral reports this evening from a weblog called Crunk!, which appears to be the property of one Jill McDowell from Pittsbugh. Nice enough, you might think. But there is reason for concern, as I’ll now reveal. The front page of her site carries the usual variety of permanent links – Search (Alta Vista, DMOZ etc), Read (Evhead, BBC etc), Build (HTML Goodies, Webmonkey and so on). And then at the bottom of the column is a section called ‘Pimp’. Which is where you’ll find the link to blogjam. Pimp? PIMP? What does that mean? Is it a compliment? Is it otherwise? What does she know that I don’t? Do I owe her money? I’m damned if I know.

Jill has a feature on her site entitled “Full Figured Boob Tube.”

blogyou blogyou blogyou

I’ve submitted my site to the blogyou! blogyou! blogyou! consumer guide to weblogs, apparently run by the “two most hated men in the blogging community.” Let’s hope they kick my lily-white ass back where it came from.