not smoking

It’s been nearly a week, and I feel like shit. Yep, I’ve given up smoking. It’s not the denial of cigarettes part that’s difficult, but I’m recovering from flu at the same time, so on one hand my body is trying to purge itself of years of tobacco related poison, whilst on the other I’m all congested ’cause I’ve been sick, and as a result my head is fat with a mucous that doesn’t want to go anyplace soon. I’ve decided to become a real non-smoking bigot as well, the type who’ll grab that packet of B&H from your hand and trample it underfoot, just because *you* had to gall to soil *my* air with *your* disgusting habit. I’m also fully behind EU plans to put pictures of diseased lungs on cigarette packets. Like these pictures. Or these ones.

Er… anyone got a light?