I’m a purple alien! Quek is the most entertaining piece of chat software I’ve ever seen. You’re represented on-screen by a cute alien figure, which you can then move around, chatting to other (green) aliens. You can see it in action at blogjam by clicking here. Genius.


  1. Um…you do realize that not all of us use Windoze, right?

  2. Actually, only 3.92% of blogjam readers in the last week were using anthing other than Windoze, and 74.3% of the Windows users used IE5.5, the browser required to view the “quek” software. So there.

  3. Thank you.

    We develop almost solely for IE5.5 and up.

    Not because we like Microsoft that much (which we don’t), but because it has by far the best technical stuff built into it. And because it has by far the most users.

    We would like things to have turned out different a couple of years ago, but they didn’t.

    We aim to develop cutting edge stuff, because that is what drives us personally.