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mr popular

This kittens thing is having a crazy affect on my referral links. A week ago I’d check my statistics to check where the visitors to this site have come from, and find a few familiar faces — a couple other weblogs, usually, and weird Germans searching various search engines for the words sexkontakte or sexvermittlung. For the last two days it’s been completely different, with visitors appearing in their droves from everywhere from Norway to Mexico to Japan. I’ve even made it to Whats New on Yahoo! I’m in the Entertainment section under “Randomized Things.” And that just goes to show the power of the international language of cute little kittens.

windoze error

Ah, more entertainment for the anti-microsoft brigade. This may be an Italian page, but the image is funny in any language.

kittens return

The kittens are back, thanks to my very good friend Dave, who is hosting the files on his server (at least for the time being). He is truly a great man, up there with Michael Jordan, the guy who invented Linux, and Jesus. Really.


I’m in trouble. My cute little kittens feature has proved more popular than I thought possible. Unfortunately, the increase in bandwidth used has led to my webhosts wanting to want to shut blogjam down, so I’ve relaced the kittens with a holding page. Hopefully they’ll return soon.


I’ve rattled on at length about the various nutters who live in Kilburn, but now it’s time for a Kilburn hero. Azu works in the newsagent in Kilburn tube station, and is officially the world’s happiest man, brightening up the mornings of his customers with his cheeky persona and non-stop laughter. Now, it seems that Azu has at last gained the recognition he deserves in, of all places, New Woman Magazine. Congratulations Azu — we salute you.