spam count

I get a lot of spam, and a lot of viruses. Yesterday I decided to keep all the spam sent to my work address, and then examine it. This is what I found:

  • Total pieces of spam received yesterday: 119
  • Total number of viruses received: 58
  • Spam related to real estate: 2
  • Spam related to legal sexual activity: 8
  • Spam related to illegal sexual activity: 6
  • Spam related to search engine submission: 22
  • Spam related to get-rich-quick schemes: 19
  • Spam related to music events: 31
  • Spam related to computer/network security: 5
  • Spam related to weight loss programmes: 14
  • Foreign language spam: 11
  • Snow White virus: 3 times
  • Klez virus: 28 times
  • Sircam virus: 6 times
  • Badtrans virus: 5 times
  • Gibe virus: 5 times
  • Magistr virus: 2 times
  • Win XP Patch virus: 1 time
  • Unknown viruses not picked up by either of the two anti-virus programmes my incoming mail goes through: 8

All in a days work…


  1. And I thought no one else got more spam than me.

  2. You know, I don’t remember the last time I got sent a virus to my home email address…maybe it’s because they don’t self-propigate through Macs, so my self-selection of email buddies acts as a bit of a control?

    (not that they’re ALL on Macs…but probably a majority are)