the goose is getting fat

It’s been a reasonably good year at blogjam towers, and I’d like to personally thank and wish a very Merry Christmas to everyone who drops by to read from time to time. Of course, I’d love to wish season’s greetings to each of you individually, but that’s impossible…. or is it?

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  1. and you hardly know me, how nice!

  2. I’m touched, or so the wife says.

  3. Merry Xmas to you too Fraser. Thanks for all the entertaining posts and laughs over the year – here’s looking forward to many more.

  4. Yeah i agree with the above. Merry Christmas to you too mate, especially enjoyed the Mallard Rape article, particularly interesting…

  5. Too kind, hope you have a good one as well!

  6. How did you know I am a penguin? Spooky. Hope the festering season is good to you too, lovely boy. Keep up the fascinatingly deranged work!

  7. Happy xmas to you too Fraser. May your xmas be full of kittens. Or some other kind of tasty food. :)

  8. Cheers!

    Happy New year!

  9. Thank you so much!

    have a great 2004.

    ps have you got the bit of code on how you do that? :))