Oh dear. The kittenwar story has spread to the online version of The Sun. The journalist I spoke to has cleverly edited what I said to make me appear completely barking mad, but I’m not. Honest. No, really.

Meanwhile, anyone wishing to follow this story via the magic of old-fashioned print media are recommended to get tomorrow’s Metro for a follow-up piece. As well as the Mail. And the Express.


  1. “I’m cat-lover but don’t have one because I live in a house without a garden.”

    Why not have an indoor cat?

  2. Oops.

    Doesn’t actually come across too oddly, honest…
    Surely not by super soaraway Sun standards, anyway…
    It’s only when you get namechecked in the ‘Dear Sun’, green-crayon-scrawled letters pages that you need to start worrying, schurely…

  3. Daniel – because I think cats should be out climbing trees, burying their dirt in the soil, and responsible for the indiscriminate slaughter of Britain’s bird populalation. That’s the kind of cat I’d want.

    Plus, indoor cats can be a bit whiffy.

  4. Indoor cats are crap, and do you honestley think of fair, unbiased and honest reporting when the Sun is mentioned, I’d personally rather appear in the Sport

  5. I would LOVE an owl-war, there was a story in the Metro a month or so ago where they had a big soppy dog and an owl who were the bestest of friends (apparently an unheard phenomenon). Good god it was cute!! the ickle owl balancing precociously with it’s ickle head to the side in that typical owlish manner. And the owl would ride about on the dog’s back too!


    I’ve still got the article… I cut it out for keeps it was THAT good!!!

    Or maybe you could have an ‘animals that don’t usually bond so good’ site?

  6. Shocking: “Is your kitten a stunner? Send in your pics to to take part in Sun Online’s Kitten Idol.”

    What a bunch of plagiarists!

  7. Right everyone, get photoshopping…

  8. That’s great. I love the image reversal trick. You must have confused neighbours.

  9. Cute!! When I get depressed or feel down and out, I’m going to look at your KittenWars website. I have already bookmarked them and a few others that were noted in the Sun Online article. I don’t have a hard copy of the Sun, but I noticed you made reference to Sun Online and the Sun paper. Sounds like it’s everywhere, not just Sun Online!

    I am a cat lover and am owned by cats. My all-time favourite cat, Jarvis (brown tiger/tabby cat) died in November this year. My daughter and I buried in him in the backyard. There is a cat statue there, so I look out the window and think of him every day.

    My nephew, Frank, another cat lover used to tell me when I get depressed or feel down to look at pictures of cats online, because that’s what he does when he’s stressed or down and it cheers him up immensely. I have to agree with him. His dad, my oldest brother also called Frank was the first original cat lover in our house. He lost all his cats in a Texas flood years ago. I’m not sure if he has cats now, but he never found his cats. I’m sure he adored his cats.

    I’ll find the best photos of Jarvis and send them to your site sometime soon. I named him after Jarvis Cocker of Pulp. Born 1998.

    Cindy Gomez
    Lansing, Michigan USA

  10. Yeah, you’re right. You came across as a barking mad old single bloke with a cat fetish.
    PS: Only kidding.

  11. Ive met you, and you are clearly bonkers.

    But in a nice way.

  12. oh and, i watched some bad tv, when was that, friday? monday? ed norton’s show, and of course there was the joke, “the invention of the smallest gun ever, that even a mouse can hold” and there was the kitten with his paws up.
    when i think i went aaww not knowing it was all because of YOU!
    i should have known i live in the matrix, and anything that happens around me was programmed by YOU

  13. I think your kitten in Iraq theory would work a treat. Having worked there for a small period of time, I can inform the Blogjam public that all cats in Iraq are either white or ginger. Maybe some tortiseshell cuteness would sort out all of the suicide bombers…..

  14. I agree that Cats should be able to run free. But in my position. I have lost and and had another loose a leg. He was sooo sweet. But now my current cat owner, Zardoz. Can not be let out as I can not go through that agian. I do wish very much that he could be able to go out…

    I did start out looking for cat fetish about paws!!! So I would appriciate any information that you could give me. I have never done this before and am somewhat aprehensive. Not that I have done anything wrong. :(

    Zardoz & Brad