end of year lists

Compiling end-of-year lists can be a thorny issue. Tom at NYPLM is annoyed with the feisty DJ Martian, who claims that people who don’t announce their top tens for all and sundry are afraid to put their online reputations at risk. Tom responds by declaring that “most people present theirs with only the barest smidgen of commentary and the impression is they’re doing it out of mistaken duty or simply to show off.” The truth for me lies somewhere between the two, having a) yet to develop an online reputation, and b) realised that showing off in this forum is rediculous because c) I’ve yet to develop an online reputation.

So, I’ve compiled a list of my favourite albums of 2000, assembled without care and in no particular order, which may, at the very least, give an insight into my personality. Or offer clues as to why I don’t have a girlfriend.

  • Queens Of The Stone Age – R
  • The Flying Dewaele Bothers – The Best Of Hank The DJ
  • Chris Morris – Blue Jam
  • Daniel Johnston – Rejected Unknown
  • Gonzales – Gonzales Uber Alles
  • Evolution Control Committee – Double The Phat And Still Tasteless
  • The Delgados – Great Eastern
  • Ryan Adams – Heartbreaker
  • Johnny Cash – American III: Solitary Man
  • The Jayhawks – Smile

Hell, if you’re that interested, look ’em up. Whaddya think the Internet is for?