worthy spam

Spam. I get lots of it, most of the completely useless variety. You know the type of thing…”Send this email on to ten friends, and within three weeks you’ll be a millionaire, driving a Ferrari and be snorting various Class A substances from between Kylie Minogue’s thighs. Honest.” etc etc and so on. Today I received a circular and, just for a change, it’s actually worth passing on. So here it is.

You may have seen that yesterday that after a seven year parliamentary fight, at last, Stonewall have won an equal age of consent for gays. The speaker of the House of Commons signed the necessary document yesterday and the bill gained Royal Assent last night. As we have come to expect from our good friend Baroness Young (not) she has started a website called www.ageofconsent.org.uk in which she asks you to vote on the issue of age of consent. The idea of course is that at some early stage she will use the statistics from this survey in the public domain, provided of course it is to her advantage. Lets scupper her plans. Please, please go on to this site and register your vote – VOTE NO. The questions are carefully worded to push you to vote yes. Also as importantly please do take time to forward this e-mail on to all your supportive friends and ask them to do the same thing.

And once you’ve done that, you might like to write to the company who designed the site, requesting that the personal details you were obliged to submit regarding your postcode and sexual orientation be deleted from their database: NTK have more details.