We began experimenting with all these ingredients, dividing them into groups and sub-groups for testing, and then later in various combinations, ratios, and concentrations. It was during this phase that we began to find success. Ultimately, we discovered the optimal fomula that not only removes the nasty, bitter, foul taste of semen, but also can add an almost-sweet flavor that makes cum actually tasty. Ugh. And yes, it’s available for purchase.


  1. If this is true, and by their website and all the publicity and media tests they’ve received it seems like it just might be, this could just be the greatest invention since Viagra (not that I’ve ever needed any… hehehe).

  2. Was just curious about when I listened to Mad Max on a North Carolina radio station (live demo via telephone ) it was funny also hearing the guy grunt while his girlfriend primed the pump. Anyway I ordered a small jar and did the double blind test and I liked the reaction when the taste my sweet nectar. Hot sweet butter is what I hear most of the time.

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