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freaky thankyou

Shit. Someone wrote me a really nice e-mail about the piece I contributed to Freaky Trigger’s birthday celebrations. I was just about to respond directly, and accidentally deleted the mail. I don’t suppose you’re still out there? I’d like to say thanks properly…

rebirth blanket

Trawling through a couple of other blogs that have linked to me recently, I came across A Fire Inside and, in turn, this insane story. “The therapy session was meant to bring Candace Newmaker closer to her adoptive mother by having the 10-year-old girl push her way out of a blanket to simulate birth. But a videotape shows Candace begging for her life as she tries to escape the blanket meant to represent a womb. She died of asphyxiation on April 19, 2000, one day after the so-called rebirthing therapy.” Rebirthing Therapy?? Has the medical profession gone completely insane???

brown blog

Apparently by blog is brown. Nope, you’re wrong, it’s purple. But perhaps for not much longer; Paul Andrews wrote me a quick note asking about the lack of personal information on my site, and mentioning that the fade effect I’ve got on the pages is slowing things down. He’s right about both, so I think I’ll concentrate on providing a decent biography, and while I’m at it, a complete redesign. I fancy a new colour, a change of font, and something really clever that I haven’t even thought of yet. I’m guessing that Paul thinks a lot about his weblog – he’s got some interesting theories: “As Blogs inform other Blogs, there may be a natural “swarming” of like minds and interests, birthing a new form of moderated, but far more free-form and fluid than exists today, news”.

kilburn bloggers

I live here. David lives here. <cue>theme from twilight zone</cue>. Marcia lives just down the road. Is Kilburn some kind of blogging Mecca? mmm… unlikely.

friends again

I finally made up with Anja. Although she hasn’t withdrawn the deaths threats yet, I feel we’ve a better understanding of each other now, and will be able to proceed with our relationship without leaving a trail of Bonnie & Clyde style corpses in our wake.