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Nothing to do with an ex-Spice Girl, I presume. “If you (or someone you love) suffer from depression, child abuse, eating disorders, bulimia or other addiction and recovery issues, this music’s for you!


Another giant step forward for sexual equality: “Everything a woman values most in life can be directly attributed to her husband’s penis.” Hmmm. According to the author, a man’s penis makes him “strong and courageous, a valiant protector, a fierce defender, a world conqueror and an explorer of brave new worlds.” Strange thing is, this nonsense is a actually written by a woman.


Oooooooh. Strangers! My, there’s quite a lot of you, isn’t there? You’ve come here from Google, haven’t you? Looking for stuff about Kaycee Nicole, aren’t you? Well, you’ve not come to the right place. Over here is the right place. Go on! Off you go again!

sick bags

Now here’s a worthy project. Get a load of skilled designers, and issue them with a brief to design protoype sick-bags for imaginary airlines. Then get all the results together, and put them on a website called design for chunks. It’s a beautiful thing…

nobody here

Feeling particularly idle today, so I’d thought I’d pass on a couple of links I received via a mailing list I’m on. Here’s one, and here’s another. Both are grade A, top of the fucking tree genius.

my dead pet

Honour your dead pet friends. “A Pet Tribute is a personalized web page honoring a deceased pet. Tell the world about the special friend who shared your life.” Alternatively, tell the world you’re a sentimental sap with too much money to spend.

browser issue

One question: Why does my my new design look absolutely spiffing in IE, but like a three year-old’s doodle in Netscape? Answers on a postcard please.