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chronicles of george

I generally end up having to call Dell Computers every few months because there’s a problem with my PC that I can’t solve. They’re usually pretty helpful, and whatever problem I have gets fixed with a minimum of fuss. I should be grateful that I never have to deal with George.


Oh yeah, I redesigned. The code was stolen from these people. Whaddya think?


Say it with flowers: “Five giant sunflowers and a single puce Veronica laid outside a grieving stranger’s house say more than words ever could about cot death”. Chris Morris is back…

pacman crack

I used to be college champion at Pacman, and now look what they’ve done to the little blighter. They’ve gone and made him smoke crack. Simply unforgivable.

train madness

Started organising this year’s holiday this afternoon – London to Beijing by train, via Brussels and Berlin, through Poland, then from Moscow on the Trans-Mongolian Railway to Novosibirsk, Irkutsk, Naushki, Sukhe Bator, Ulan Bator, Dzamin Ude and Erlian, arriving just ten days after departure. Next year: Overland to Spitzbergen on pogo-stick.