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World Of Cardboard

Welcome to World Of Cardboard, a “two-dimensional serial of art commentry, brought to you by the Cardboard-Heads.” This is the sort of stuff Charles Saatchi pays millions for.


I thought I’d go away, but no-one noticed. So I’m back.

freaky trigger focus

I’m definitely in a blow my own trumpet kinda mood. Out of the blue and into my inbox came an email this morning from Michael Daddino, he of the sadly missed Cultural Artifacts of the Moment weblog. It appears that he and the other staff of the hibernating Freaky Trigger have once again suffered a temporary loss of judgement by asking me to contribute my thoughts again, on this occasion to the site’s fourth biannual Focus Group, an “informal critical roundelay that SCIENTIFICALLY and OBJECTIVELY analyzes the latest pop music trends.” So, luckless readers, you’ll get read my opinion on such luminaries as Emma Bunton and Bob the Builder. Boy.

For an example of what to expect, head over to the results of the first focus group or marvel at the original idea that they’ve blatently (and admittedly) ripped off.

i am a twat

Woke up in a near cold sweat last night upon remembering a snatch of drunken conversation from last Friday evening. The scene: an unfamiliar club, about 2am.

Me (slurring): “I’d really like to see you sober.”

Her (bristling): “What on earth do you mean?”

Me: “Just what I said – I’d love to see you sober.”

Her (angrily): “I can’t believe you’re so rude! I’m not drunk!”

Me (aghast): “No! I meant when *I* was sober….”

Too late. Note to self: Must drink less when finding someone attractive.

Drug-Affected Baby

“Drug-Affected Baby has a very realistic body. Baby gives an amazingly realistic demonstration of the effects of drugs on an infant that was exposed while still in the womb. Small for its gestational age, Drug-Affected Baby is approximately 18.5″ long and weighs 3.5 lbs.” And it’s a snip at just $285. Every home should have one.