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hooker for president

This has been blogged everywhere, but what the hell. Matt Hooker is hoping to gain a US presidential nomination in 2004, which is fair enough. What might hinder young Matthew somewhat is his other site, which claims that “Nicole Kidman is a Liar who has willfully, maliciously and viciously slandered and wronged me”. I feel that Matt’s fascination with stalking may limit his chances of gaining respect with the US electorate, but I’ve been wrong before…

holiday reading

As the holiday season reaches its peak, travellers world-wide are deciding what holiday reading to take with them. What’s less known but equally important is that it’s vital to do some reading before you go away and, typically, I’ve got a couple of suggestions for you. Just like Oprah. One. Two. There you go… bon voyage.

let’s do battle

storyFUCK is a good idea. Two different authors do battle over a evolving story, taking a chapter each and attempting to do as much damage to the previous author’s plotline whilst retaining the general thread of the the tale. [via the extraordinary colour-changing bommelding weblog.]

you ugly!

Martin Keown. Eric Gates. Peter Beardsley. Throughout the ages, they’re always there, those ugly footballers. And now there’s a website devoted to preserving photographic evidence of their unfortunate forms,

win a baby

Imagine, if you will, that I have a baby to give away. Who should I give it to? Should it be Christine and Steve Bartos from Oconomowoc, Wisconsin, who look like fairly normal couple? Or perhaps my child would be happier in an all-female environment, like that offered by Shelley Doyle and Dian Schaffhauser, a friendly looking lesbian pairing from Northern California. There’s always the option offered by Jeff and Jim, who are already well versed in responsibility due to their guardianship of two budgie’s, Trevor and Nash. Whoever said this was easy?


“She is 5’8”, has brown hair and no sense direction whatsoever. Our bachelorette currently works in marketing for a Dot Com. She enjoys talking, chatting, and bs-ing. Well, okay she also really likes sex.” But are you man enough? Just complete the application form to find out…