missing in action

Monday night staged the third Kilburn blogmeet, open to all bloggers resident in London’s NW2 and NW6 postal codes. As usual, only myself and Marcia bothered to show up — no Luke, no Meg, no David. Too busy for the likes of us, I expect. Or maybe it’s because we neglected to invite them. Ah. That’ll be it then.


  1. Invite me next time, and I will come along. *If* I can fit the likes of you into my busy schedule, that is, of course. Where did you meet? Powers Bar? Brondesage? One of those CHARMING Irish pubs??

  2. Well, if you’d been keen on me coming at all, you’d probably know that I don’t actually live in Kilburn any more. The days of the KPR domicile are gone, though I was actually in the area last night. Shame.

  3. i told you we should’ve set up a website and a mailing list for kilburn blogmeets.

  4. What’s all this then? How come I haven’t been informed? Don’t you realise who I am?
    Is Marcia the American from Donnington Road? She knows me too well!!!

    Anything to do with Kilburn interests me. Even the CHARMING Irish pubs, being Irish myself!