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The City and Council of Honolulu have a splendid website that offers visitors a pretty comprehensive list of what’s available on the Island, from the services offered to local businesses to activities that might be of interest to visitors and tourists. Judging by the site’s religion section the Council are happy to welcome all sorts of people to the Island. Either that, or the link to the Satanist Church of Hawaii is an oversight.


  1. god rules satan drools

    • Does anyone actually realize that actor George Clooney is the high priest of the Church of Satan????
      These satanic idiots are in all walks of life…FBI agents, Politicians, Celebrities of all types.
      STOP idol worship of these assholes and worship the TRUE living GOD.

  2. god rules satan drools

  3. where are you. i want quick money.

  4. Jesus's messenger in Doc Marten boots

    I have a strong and blunt message for all you satanists, heathenists, paganists, unbelievers who should believe in God, New-Age warlocks and witches, and anyone else who is stupid enough to believe satan is actually worth something to worship and that he actually gives a shit about ANY of you—IN WHICH HE DOESN’T!!
    He is NOTHING more than a mentally deranged
    ex-archangel who’s only goal in life is to drag US all straight to hell to burn for eternity with him and his bastard son, the anti-christ.
    Why do you all want to follow this loser straight into hell, when he wants nothing more than to see you burn along with him for eternity??
    If he actually gave a damn about any of mankind, then he wouldn’t leading us away from God and Jesus Christ, NOW WOULD HE??
    It doesn’t matter if you’re a screen or TV celebrity–or just a nameless face in the crowd–he wants ALL our souls and will stop at NOTHING to get it—despite that HE’LL definitely get something on judgement day–AND THAT’S A HARD KICK IN THE ASS STRAIGHT TO HELL!!
    For those of you who willingly follow satan and for those who don’t believe in hell—I got news for you.
    Hell exists with or without you.
    I have visions of people in hell and believe me, they would scare the living shit out of any of you—regardless of how tough you all think you are.
    There is nothing more horrifying than going there, other than having visions of naked souls being thrown into a lake of burning lava and listening to their ear-piercing and unnerving blood-curdling screams, and seeing their faces of insane hysteria and physical anguish of the pain they feel, as they frantically fight each other and push others down under the lava in a desperate effort to climb out of the lake—but it’s to no avail.
    I’ve seen full-grown men—the size of professional wrestlers and fighters—who are being manhandled like small children, as they’re being bent over and being sexually degraded and brutally raped by huge demons with sickening looks of lust and insanity in their grotesque faces. And I’ve even seen
    men and women being slammed down onto tables like large slabs of meat, while demons gut them open like fishes with their own hands and devour their organs and entrails and these souls won’t die from the unimaginable pain for one reason—they are already dead.
    You can’t kill what’s already dead.
    No, I’m not some self-righteous pastor like I once met, who threw an old man out from this hostel in the dead of winter–without even the shoes on his feet. Pretty cruel, huh??
    I’m a young woman who used to brainwashed by all this New-Age mumbo-jumbo as I was once a witch, but now I’m a lone soldier who’s already gone A.W.O.L from the side of satan, I’ve fled my post and crossed the desert to search for the Lord, and I’m now on the side of Jesus, where I INTEND to stay there for eternity and beyond that.
    So I say to satan, who could be reading this on his computer in somewhere in limbo—NYAH! NYAH! YOU LOST A SOLDIER AND YOU’LL LOSE A LOT MORE THAN JUST OTHERS ON JUDGEMENT DAY!!
    I have NO intention of spending eternity with a devil who’s red face reminds me of the backside of a snow-monkey!!
    Since you all obviously believe in this spiritual prick, then you must know where satan’s fate lies on judgement day, so therefore, you all know that I’m telling the truth about him.
    So if any of you people give a shit about your own soul, then get the hell away from satan and his bullshit, while you all still have a chance, while you’re all still alive!!

    • you may say that satan doesnt give a shit about us, but neither does your god almighty. in fact if he so much as gave a flying fuck about us why would he allow ‘satan’ do fuck with us in the first place. oh yeah we are all sinners and we deserve it. you know whats fucked up, i have never in my life seen someone suffer that actually deserved to suffer! ive been suffering my whole life and im the kindest most gentlest person i can be. i dont steal i dont kill i dont judge or treat others badly at all, yet i suffer every second of every day. i ask for gods forgiveness all the time, many times a day, and yet he seems to be ignoring me. satan on the other hand, which im sure doesnt even really exsist (its is all just a bunch of made up bullshit to scare people into church and give them money) has never ever once decieved me or let me down in such a way. meanwhile im surrounded by assholes that treat me like dirt and have no regards to anyone but themselves, yet they are in perfect health, no money troubles. great times, partying, and girlfriends (which they treat like shit and dont deserve) so when is this all fair god going to strike them down, and teach them to be better people? ive done alot of acid and smoked alot of pot trying to discover the answers to lifes questions, the only thing ive come up with, is that the only devil and hell that exsists, is on earth, and that there is a god, but he wants to watch the good moral people suffer for no reason (Jesus Christ for example) All in all there are no consiquences for bad behavior, but people sure make your life hell when you try to be a good person. they think your trying to be better than they are and that makes them jealouse. of course they can kill me if they want, because they will never regret it or suffer for it. it is just the way things are, and it is fucked up. god is definetly real, b ut he is just as crazy as the rest of the world.

      • does anyone else think it is food for thought that mohammed died 666 years after christ was born

      • I feel your pain brother, but being good never saved any body. Only those who believe in CHRIST JESUS will be saved. Never mind about
        what God didn’t do for you, question, what have you done for Him? If you have children, do you give them everything they ask when they ask for them? don’t you think it’s appropriate to observe if their request is
        appropriate for them? YES- God works in the same manner. BE patient and wait. He will answer you prayers in due time. In the meantime try to build a relationship with Him, repent, and turn away from your sins. Remember, NO ONE IS PERFECT no matter how good you are.
        BELIEVE ME HELL DOES EXIST AND YOU DON’T WANT TO GO THERE. Remember Jesus loves you and died for your salvation, don’t go and die for satan. If you want I will pray for you and with you.Write me back.We’re in this boat together. KEEP GOD RULING

    • ok i have a msg for you ur trying to convince them that they shldnt worship the devil but your acting just like them cusing and stuff last time i checked jesus wldnt do that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but jesus is the only way and soon everybody will findout the truth but its there decision

      • hello What drugs have you been taking in yhour recent life… they seem to make u a bit fuked up ! i mean hu on there write mind says we will find out the truth about jesus.. jus cos u shag him over the holy table in church not my problem

  5. Watch your language!!

  6. You’re right. I should tone down the language, but I meant what I said about getting away from satan.

  7. Satanists are not evil only misunderstood by the unwilling. Try to open your minds.
    Hail Satan!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Why would you want to follow anything that needs permission from a higher authority before he can do anything?

      Let me put you to a test. The next time you go to a meeting, ask satan to say the name JESUS. If he can’t, then you know you are following a loser
      get out of there and find CHRIST. JESUS IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE.

  8. Im Tired of all this Christian hypocrisy. All you people do is sit in your fancy churches claiming to hold the answer to happiness when all you do is supress it. You basicly are making it so no one can escape sin and are destroying what comes natural. Sex is not evil, but it does have consequenses. Pride is not evil, having self-respect cannot be evil. There are many more things that you people do that negate your beliefs. It is the christian faith that is destroying the world. Almost every war caused by religion involved the christians. Even christans hate christians (catholic vs. protistant). not to mention the dark ages, killing innocent people for their beliefs (most didnt do anything that they were accused of). It is you the christians that are evil and we shall rid the world of your hate and stupidity.
    Hail Satan!!!!! Hail Anton LaVey!!!!!Hail the church of Satan!!!!!!

  9. Hail Satan!!!!!!!!

  10. Satan is only way!!And All Him Children Says:We Hate Love,We Love Hate!!!!!!!!Thats all law!!Hail!

  11. To Jesus’s messenger,
    I think that your grotesque visions of hell say more about yourself and christian fundaMENTALISM than they do about objective reality.
    You obviously have a very fertile imagination; why not use it for somehting constructive rather than trying to spread fear and hatred?
    If you really are a christian then I suggest you spend more time studying the teachings of the Nazarene than the distorted devices of control espoused by the false Church.
    May the scales fall from your eyes!

  12. I think most of you are idiots. And those of you who think of Satan as fucking evil or something are bigger idiots. You’re no better than Christian Filth. Anybody can do a lot of drugs, act like an idiot and call themselves a Satanist.

    I am a Satanist and lead a normal life but the Satanism as portrayed by Christians in Bible is idiotic and if thats what you follow then I think it is pretty obvious that either you find it cool to be one or just a dumb fuck.

    And what is this hatred towards pagans? What do you know about paganism in the first place that you hate them so much? I feel sorry for most of you who argue about something they have no clue about.

  13. HAIL LORD SATAN!!!!!!!!!

  14. 666 will be paying 79 a visit. Hail almighty SATAN! Our Father! WHAT was the Hidden message on the Stones track “You Cant Always Get What You Want?” YOU Have called on me and you will wait in HORROR for my Response. Evilness awaits you. You have disturbed the sacred AINA and secret codes of Neighborly conduct code 666. You have disturbed the peace of SATANS rituals and for that you shall suffer. When you look over your shoulder or turn your back I shall be there!

  15. Satan sells seashells down by the seashore

  16. Hey… I would like to become a Satanist… could you e-mail me some satanist web-sites? PLEASEEE

  17. Norman Rockwell III

    Satan uses a computer? Wouldn’t he be too busy downloading pornography and bomb recipes and black metal mp3’s from Iceland? He is Satan afterall. Why does god have such a hard-on for my soul? Why does satan care? I’m starting to think both sides are full of shit. How can anyone in the 21st century believe such jabberwocky? This is why the Red States dominated the elections and had no problem with an inept man from the Northeastern part of the country claiming to be from Texas and playing dress up like a cowboy. Fuck God, and fuck Satan. Learn to look for answers on the roads less traveled. Sheep. The whole stinkin’ lot of you’s. Stop buying into myths and fairy tales. Anton LaVey just ripped off Nietsche and Ayn Rand, not to mention if I was Aleister Crowley, I’d be suing for theft of ideas. I find the whole CoS to be a fucking doublethink/contradiction. Whatever.

    Visions of hell? That I would pay money to see. Where did you get these visions? Too much LSD? Two grams of pure dextromethorphan? Ate 7 grams of psilocybin? Maybe it was datura and peyote? There’s balancing medication for that you sir. Lithium and some anti-psychotics might help you out, but i don’t they will rid your religious delusions. Hmm. All of eternity? Doesn’t that seem a bit lop sided to you? Let’s say you live 80 years… have no faith in god or mankind, and engage in “sin”, then what? That punishment does not fit the crime. If God does exist, fuck him. “Worship that? NEVER.” I’d think you’d get used to it after awhile… I mean burning? Take a lighter and hold it to your skin, the pain eventually subsides. You burn through all of the nerves and pain receptors. Do souls have physical pain receptors? If so, can we have sex? Can we drink and do drugs? I’m so going to hell if that’s case. Heaven would be full of sober anal retentive people like you, and Mormons. No thanks my friend. Seriously, wouldn’t being drown in a pool of lava lose its novelty after say.. I dunno… a year? Hundred years, tops. At this current juncture, i’m willing to risk it. I could tear apart your feeble and blunt message philosophically, but what’s the point? You’d call me a heathen or a heretic. I’d say you were right. Anyone who questions the motives of a so-called loving god is quickly labeled and that makes it easier to dismiss them and go back to sleep with your eyes open.


    xoxoxo Normie

  18. I agree. Hey, you have a Cool site. I like the design a lot. thanks. Oh, my acne cured in less than two weeks.

  19. Hi, I think you are totally right. Great! – :) Susan.

  20. Well “Jesus’s messenger in Doc Marten boot” i am shamed to even waste my time typing this, but it shall have to be Questioned,
    no1. there are many forms of Satanism, mainly

    1. Atheistic Satanism – the i feel the true “LaVey Satanism”
    “of which i am proud to be part of”

    2.Theistic Satanism- “The Night of Noctulius” is an example.

    I do not choose to be a Satanist to cause contreversy or to be rebelious, but rather as a personal belief in myself, and it happens to be in my belief
    the one honest to one’s instinct and self pleasure, so i ask you this question


    Im sure what ever religous philosiphy you are part of, requires respect of man and animal alike,

    this is quite childish so i shall stop at this
    good bye

  21. “And the devil that deceived them was cast into the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beast and the false prophet are, and shall be tormented day and night for ever and ever. And I saw a great white throne, and him that sat on it, from whose face the earth and the heaven fled away; and there was found no place for them. And I saw the dead, small and great, stand before God; and the books were opened: and another book was opened, which is the book of life: and the dead were judged out of those things which were written in the books, according to their works. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it; and death and hell delivered up the dead which were in them: and they were judged every man according to their works. And death and hell were cast into the lake of fire. This is the second death. And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire. (Revelations 20:10-15)

  22. I wish I had a pet christian, they’re so cute when they’re flustered. And their quant beliefs make me chuckle. Silly little things they are, can’t help but love them. Their delusions and absurdities make them endearing, indeed :)

  23. I’d like to say to Derek,
    When judgement day comes Satan will reject his followers
    and leave you while the followers of God will rise to Heaven.
    You will find that out when armargeddon comes.
    email me back with your answer,

  24. im not sure of much except that you christian pigs piss me off……..

    im very intrested in this Aethiestic Satanism…..could some one plz tell me more?

    if you give a shit email me at

  25. Lmao dave and bill.

    Slick and Hobo, go to the Official Church of Satan website. There are lots of other websites that will end up leading you into reverse Christianity, or theistic Satanism, which sometimes tell you about ritual sacrifice, rape or torture.

    Pol mac iomhair, thank you for saving me the typing.


  26. Ave Satanas


    FOOD FOR THOUGHT.Man “You and I” was made by God.our life was given by God.God gives man “You and I” the opportunity to grow in the likeness of God.What a Tragedy for man “You and I” to become so involved in worldly things till we has no time for God,the forces of materialism is at work that further weakened man’s positon in God’s word the,philosophy and seclarism played their roles in raising doubts in which satan is the commander, and fostering skepticism about God’s word the gospel of Jesus Christ.(read-Gen-1-26-30)

    Our willingness to rely upon God, rather than circumstances,renews our spiritual resources.Having His wisdom for all of life’s decisions,we can pursue our earthly pilgrimag successfull.Faith in God through Jesus Christ,a sense of divine purpose in whatever situation we live,and the certainty that our loving Heavenly Father knows what is best for us.We must be alert to the potential pitfalls of self-reliance.(read Matt-7-7-14).I am not ashamed of the gospel,because it is power of God for salvation of everyone who believes,first for the Jew,than for the Gentiles.(Rom-1-16-23).For the message of cross is foolishness to those who are perishing,but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.(read 1 corit-18-30)


    The consequences of disobedience.”YOU AND I” see the consequences of disobeying God.First,there is shame and embarrassment.Adam and Eve felt exposed and began a cover-up operation.(read Gen-3-7) How quickly would we want to leave the room if every action we had ever done was displayed on a screen,followed by a written list of every thought we had ever etertained? We all feel ashamed and embarrassed by our sin. We don’t want people to find us out.We often put up barrier around us to avoid the possibillty of being found out.(read Rom-6-14) if sin is not forgiven,It stop “YOU and I” TO GO TO HEAVEN.(read Gal-5-19-20)

    Adam and Eve’s friendship with God was broken.When they heard God coming,they hid Gen-3-8.Many people to day shy away from God’s word the gospel of Jesus Christ.They don’t want to face up to the fact of possibility of His existence.Like Adam they are afraid of given their life to Jesus Christ.some have a real fear of going to church or mixing with christains.If we claim to be without sin,we deceive ourselves and the truth is not in us.If we confess our sins,JESUS CHRIST is faithful and just and will forgive us our sins and purify us from all unrighteousness.If we claim we have not sinned,we make him out to be a liar and his word has no place in our lifes. (read 1-John-1-8-10.) COME TO JESUS CHRIST TO DAY TOMORROW MEY BE TOO LATE.

    There is a separation between Adam and Eve themselves.Adam blames Eve. Eve blames satan the devil.But they and “You and I” are responsible for our sins. We cannot blame God or others or even the devil (read jam-1-13-15).We see this in our society today.When people turn away from God,they start fighting one another.We see the breakdown of relationship wherever we look.marriages,homes,at work,civil war and war between was deceived by satan,we see how his deception led Adam and Eve away from God.Satan”s use Islam,Hinduism,Japan’s shinto ,Chinese god Taoism and confucainism,Buddhism,Occult and Sects to led men away from God. They may seem right to “You and I” but they all leads to death.There is a way that seems right to a man, but in the end it leads to death. (read Prov-14-12) There is no peace,says my GOD for the wocked. (Ish-57-21.)and Ish-59-1-2) The soul who sin will die.(read-Ezek-18-18-21).

    Sign of the end of time.(luk-21-10-18.( john-6-43-44-51).(luk-12-51-53.) The moden Disblief. God is no longer a habitual concern for human beings less and less do they call Him to mind as they go through their or make their decisions.God has disappeared from the consciosness of humen beings “You and I”.For all “you and I” have sinned and fall short of God’s glory.(rom-3-23) Then the kings of the earth,the princes,the generals, the rich,the mighty,and every slave and every free man hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains.They called to the mountains and the rocks.Fall on us and hide us from the face of HIM who sits on the thron and from the wrath of the LAMB.For the great day of their wrath has come,and who can stand?. (read Rev-6-15-17)think of it second time.

    God love us more than any human father, and wants the best for us.Sadly people feel they can do it on their own.They think,”I can do a little better then God.God is a bit out of touch.God has’t caught up with the modern world and the things that we enjoy.I think I will run my own life and keep God well out of it”But we can never do a brtter job than God,and sometime we end up making an awful mess.God said,For I know the plans I have for you,declares the Lord GOD,plane to prosper you and not to harm you,plane to give you hope and a future.Then you will call upon me and come and pray to me,and I will listen to you.You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart. (read Jerem-29-11-14)

    Am I only a God nearby, declares the Lord.and not a God far away? CAN ANY ONE HIDE IN SECRET PLACES SO THAT I CANNOT SEE HIM? decares the LORD.Do not I fill heaven and earth declares the LORD.(read Jrerm-23-23-24) The little secrifice God ask us to make are nothing when compare them with the sacrifice that God made for us.If Christ can die for us,nothing is too had for us to do for God.(read Matt-6-5-13) Jesus christ make “You and I” to see God as our Father.

    The position that it is of no consequance what man believe, is one of satan’s most successful deception. he knows that the truth the gospel of JESUS CHRIST recieve in the love of it santcifies the soul of the reciever.Please take time to read this message prayerfully.You will be blessed beyond measure and grow into a strong Christian. I AM PRAYING FOR YOU.

    Our motivation for living the Christain life is the love of our Father God.Our model in life is the example of the Son Jesus Christ.The means by which we can live this life is the power of the Holy Spirit (read john-14-15-31).How great God is and what a privilege it is to walk in a relationship with God, to be loved by Him,and to serve Him,all our live.It is the best,most rewarding,fulfilling,meaningful,satisfying way to live.Indeed it is here we find the answers to the great questions of life.

    Satan’s most successful deceptions,When the foundation is wrong what can the righteous do? (Ps-11-3) You saw a counterfeit in the market does not prove the absence of good money in the market.It pre-supposes the presence of good money.PLS, Do not use your weakness as a standerd.

    Throughout the New testament we find satan and his demond espousing doctrinal truths.But did this intellectual belief “profit them”?.It did not,and in will not profit those who merely subscribe to certain belief intellectually.Faith that does not shew itself outwardly is no different from the faith of satan and his demons.(james-2-17).Any professed faith that fails to stir the Chirstian to energetic performance is dead,useless and stagnant.such faith has no life or movement in it.It is easy to talk about faith in Christ,receiving Christ,and commitment to Christ,but the proof is in the product.

    The church of Rome fall from being progressive,far from giving a spiritual lead,it was retrograde and decadent,corrupt in all its members.Papacy claimed Apostolic succession,fall to preseved Christianity according to the founder Jesus Christ.The Roman catholic church fallure to preach the true gospel of JESUS CHRIST lead many to seach for the true God.Pope’s sale of indulgences of many year ago,a commnon saying of the time was if you want to ruin you son,make him a priest.This is backed up by records sinful life style .There moral lapess,people complained of Christ ministers ,to days is catholic church “Gay priests” satan’s product.not of Jesus Christ.people can be imitators and live like Christians,but not be saved.there is a false canfidence ,a fales security which showin arrogance boasting of an experince of salvation which never shows in a person’s chracter,behavior and life will know them by there fruits.God is not one to be mocked,you reap what you sows.(Galt-6-7) think of it.

    BUDDHA ENLIGHTENMENT WITHOUT GOD.FOUR NOBLE TRUTH.1) All existence is suffering.2) suffering arises from desire or craving.3)cessation of desire means the end of suffering.4)cessation of desire is achieved by following and controlling one’s conduct,thinking and belief.Buddhaism search for enlightment and salvation without God. The buddha most important sermon for mankind to be saved.One must avord both the course of sexsual indulgence and that of ascetcism and follow the middle way.All is wisdom of man it cannot save.Let go for God’s own wisdom Jesus Christ.(read matt-6-25-34),(1-timo-6-17-19),(jems-4-1-3),(1-john-2-15-17).

    The foundamental concept of buddhism is the knowledge and understanding lead to enlightment and salvation.but the complicated doctrines of the various school of buddhism have only produced the above mentioned helplessly,unrealistic,beyond the grip of most buddhism believers.Buddhism fall to grip whit life’s qeustions,such as where do we come from?.why are we here?,and were do we go when we live the earth?. ( buddhism satan’s counterfeit religion faith.)

    Some sincer buddhist have recogniced the confusion buddha himself suffers in buddhism’s role in mankind’s seach for true God.Early buddism appears to have taken no accout of question of God,and certainly did not teach to or require belief in God.
    Buddha on one occasion he and his disciples were in a forest.Buddha picked up a handful of leaves and said to his disciples,”what I have taught you is comparable to the leaves in my hand”,what I have not taught you is comparable to the amout of leaves in the forest.This prove his was confused.
    Buddha’s taught of seeking enlightenment without God does not work.Instead,the average follower of buddhism is simply preoccupied with worshiping idols and demons,ancestors spirit,relics and meny other gods.They performing meny other rituals and practices that have little or nothing to proft them.

    CHINESE god,Taoism and confucainism taught A seach for heaven’s way by worshiping of idols,performing many other rituals can lead to heaven.(Taoism and confucainism satan’s counterfeit religion faith.)

    Japan’s shinto taught of worship such as trees,stones,mirrors,and swords can lead them to God.the pratice of shamans or spirit mediums rituals to call down the gods is of satan.Japanes developed the expression “yaoyorozu-no-kami” which literally means eight millon gods.worship in many mountain in japan such as fuji and more places.all in the name of worshiping the Holy GOD. (Japan’s shinto satan’s counterfeit religion faith)

    We cannot speak of Hindusm’s pantheon of gods without mentioning its most sacred river the Ganga.Hinduism believe the river Ganga can removes all true is it? can the river Ganga give eternal life? hindus believe that the Ganges has the power to release,purfy,cleanse and cure believers.(read Rev-22-16-17.) Hindu teaching of hell, those who are very sinful in their earthly life have to undergo different kinds of punishment on hellish planets.

    Hindus search for liberation.It is claimed that hinduism has 330 millions gods,yet it’s said that hinduism is not polytheistic.How can? the concept of venerating animals,bathing in the Ganges,being divided by castes and a different way of understanding life.Hindus see life as a self repeating cycle in which hindes history is of little importance.while hinduism may lay claim to 330 million gods,in acctual practice ther are certain favorite gods that have become the focals.point for verious sects within Hinduism.the most prominent gods,Vishnu the preserver god,Brahma the creator god and siva the destroyer god.all have wifies.snake worship in hindu practiced mainly in bengel.Manasa is the goddes of snake in hindu,some of hinduism gods and goddes.Aditi,agni,brahman,durga,ganesa,ganga,hanuman,himalaya,kali,krishna,lakshmi,manasa,manu,mitra,nandi,natarajia,porvati,kali,prajpait,purusha,radha,rama,saraswati,shashil,trimurti,soma vishnu.and meny more.(hinduism has 330 millions gods satan’s counterfeit religion faith)

    ACCORDING to Islamic tradction the Kabah was orignally build a sancturay for 360 idols,one for each day of the luner year in Saudi Arabia.The chief god was Allah that was centered in the mecca valley,at the sacred site of the Kabah,a simple cube like building where a black meteorit was revered.Muhammd did not die like HOLY BIBLE GOD’s prophets. exmp-Moses read (Deut-33 and 34).Elijah (2-Kings-2)
    but muhammed death leads to divistion and bloodshed the sunni muslim and shite muslims over his successor.

    The man who thinks he knows something does not yet know as he ought to know.But the man who loves God is kown by God.(read 1-corith-8-2-3) all this faiths think they know God but they don’t know Him.only through JESUS CHRIST (read john 3-16-18) For God so love the world “You and I”. He give JESUS CHRIST that whoever that believes in HIM SHALL NOT perish but have eternal life.Were.O death,is your victory? Where.O death,is your sting? The sting of death is sin,and the power of sin is law.But thinks be to God!He give us the victory through our Lord JESUS CHRIST.(read 1-corith-15-54-57) WITH JESUS CHRIST TO DIE IS GAIN. wondoful. (read-Philp-1-21)

    Quran and hadith are full of outrageous verses like these that to me are clear proof that Muhammad was not a prophet, but a cult leader. To force people to denounce their own family is what cults do. He was an impostor who lied so loudly and so forcefully that the ignorant people of his time believed in him. Then the following generations echoed these lies passing them to the next. Philosophers and writers were born in this atmosphere of lies and elaborated on them, embellished them, and made them credible. But when you go to the core of the religion, when you read the Quran and study the hadith you see they are nothing but pure nonsense. Rumi was a great poet and a mystic, he tried to give Islam mystical significance that it lacked.

    The real Islam is the Islam that abuses women, that allows men to beat their wives, that imposes penalty tax on the religious minorities, that wants to dominate the world by subduing all the non-Muslims, that calls for Jihad and killing the non-believers until Islam becomes the only dominant religion of the World.( Islam satan’s counterfeit religion faith).COME TO JESUS CHRIST TO DAY.

    Have you ever asked Jesus to come in to you life?or you are not sure you are save if your answer is no.Pray this prayer with sincerity and confidence.LORD JESUS,I come to you today.I am a sinner,I can NOT help myself,forgive me my sins.cleanse me with your blood,deliver me From sin and satan,to serve the living,LORD I accept you as my LORD,And my personal savior.thank you JESUS,for saving me.

    Grace and peace to you from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ,who give himself for our sins to rescue us from the present evil age,according to the will of our God and Father,to whom be glory for ever and ever.Aman.

    Send to you by missionary, OKECHUKWU ALILI. (JESUS CHRIST IS LORD)

    The only church bulding the new Testament speaks about is a building made of peoples.Paul says that christians are being built together to become a dwelling in which God live by his Spirit.(read eph-2-22) Jesus Christ is the chief connerstone,He is the one who founded the church and around whom the church is built.A royal priesthood.(read 1 pet-2-9)All christian are priest in the sense that we all have access to God,we can all represent men to God,as we pray for others,and we all rpresent God to men as we go out into the world to preach the gospel of God’s kingdom the second coming of Jesus Christ.

    ROMANS-10-13 says,for everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. 14,how, then can they call on the one they have not believed in? and how can they hear without someone preaching to them? 15,and how can they preach unless they are sent? as it is written, how beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!.write to joining to support us preach the gospel to extend GOD’s kingdom.pray for us.for more information reply to this e-mail,prove faith by work.-james-2-19.

  28. This is all weird stuff, im not sure what I believe, but its given me something to think about.



  30. I have read and reread, alot of this fake and altruistic christian comments. I am so sick and tired of living, in this fucking christian based society. If YOU FUCKING CHRISTIAN!!!! hypocrites actually looked deep inside the very foundations of your religion. Thier should only be one word that comes to mind. And that word is FEAR. FEAR is you freaks whole reallity. Your scared to fuck your scared to live your scared to be yourself, so you all hide day to day and you lie more than me or any of my satinistic brothers and sisters ever will We choose to live and we dont do so under a fucking rock! To be a satinist , is a stonecold honesty with life. To truly accept who we are is fucking hardcore, bitches. And for our struggles and persecutions we will prevail, together with the almighty dark lord SATAN. The dark lord embraces me and my people fully with out any predjudece. Unlike your fake fear hungry god!!! All IT! does is drive you to faliure and depression . I would be depressed to if I couldnt or wasint allowed to be ME. You can go ahead and live the way you do, but for fuck sakes . KILL YOURSELVES!!!!!!!!!!! Hail SATAN and all that he stands for I am a true warrior for the dark prince. And I will be on the front lines for my people when I am needed 666!!! HAIL ANTWON LEVAY HAIL LILITH HAIL ARAZACTS HAIL SATAN HAILS SATAN HAIL SATAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  31. im not a real satanist, i just fool my friends that i am an antichrist and a satanist. but when i read these articles about satan it makes me just want to fool my friends.

    Satanic Ritual to Kill a Person:

    um den to aum phok ni shi yo cum satanismo si [name of person] shi mo i lag um kewk tiyun otpy huyop ksitnsi sdgsart djtis

    this only works on a friday.

    its a joke im a real satanist

    but i dont worship satan, its called satanist because:
    satan- own god
    ist- own worshiper

    so that means iam my own god.

  32. I had a friend who died last year (June). He became a “born again Christian”. I was proud for him, however I got tired of his newfound preaching to me. I always had a relationship with Jesus Christ, but my friend never had that before, but he kept trying to instill something I feel that I always had. I’m no saint, but I’m not a bad guy either. He did things in his life to be called a “bad guy”, but deep down, he was a trully good, decent man. I hope he is in a place now that Jesus Christ allows him to be because my friend preyed for forgiveness and really believed till his end. The worst person my friend treated was himself. He was a Saint to his own family…even to his brother who capitalized on my best friend’s misery for financial gain. He took care of his mother financially who is a master at cheating companies with personal injury claims. My friend who died in June 2006 would have given his own hard earned. money to a stranger in need, than to cheat somebody. I miss him dearly. The one thing he attemped to do once, but did not succeed, he spent the last years of his life asking Jesus for forgiveness. I believe he really meant it, I hope Jesus Christ believed in him too. Sean, my world is not the same without you in it. I still have not found a hunting friend that I could trust as you were to me. Why could you not get over that bad marriage and move on? Your friend forever….Matt.

  33. just a man with a job

    Whats with all the pentagrams in popular culture? Are our young too ignorant to understand what that symbol represents? Satan does not love ANYONE including his devoted followers. Pain, suffering, hurt, heartache, tragedy and loss. Yes. Understood. The pentagram is an ancient symbol that has varied meanings. One point up represents Wickans, two points up represents an allegence to satan. So I’ve been told. Satan loves no one, even his followers. How any human can can pledge anything to this beast is beyond me.

    Why do people hate organized religion? Because they may have to answer to their actions one day. Some satanics think that if they pray to satan they will have a nice, comfortable room in hell, think again. Satan is not the general manager in this hotel, his boss will make hell the shittiest hotel ever, and those who “pledge satan whatever” will be shoveling the stinkiest shit down in the basement if you get my stinky drift. Satan is not in charge, he might run a department, but he is not the man who hires, fires or gives raises. He does what he is told by higher management. Satan is an asshole manager, and he is a real hardass, but doesn’t call the shots. He likes to make life miserable for all those under him. Hes a prick who might just get fired one day…………and many will smile and laugh.

  34. beginning satanist

    i turned 2 satan becuz godz a pece of shit. he never duz nething.not for me that a major goth skater punk kinda guy.i only listen to satan bands like marilyn manson or slipknot.

  35. Interesting comments.. :D


  37. WHY DO WE HAVE TO CONFESS OUR SINS TO PRIEST/S? are they GODS? we are all humans that is why we are not perfect like gods. that is why we have to do our best to be good all day. Why do we have to donate to CHURCHES ? they said it will be given to poors… IST? or to someherwe else? WHY WE HAVE TO FIGHT ONE ANOTHER? why not unite? I read the CHURCH OF SATAN’S sites but i think they are FRAUD… they arent really conern with humanity. Im a broad minded person I know who are “satans” but inside they aren’t and satan outside and the same inside. I’m sorry church of satans followers i dont mean to hurt you…

  38. baz sed is church like propa ghetto doe

  39. I take the scientific approach to this matter. For a moment let us forget about God, Satan, Science and everything else and concentrate on cold hard scientific proof. Now lets expand this, the big bang occurred and nobody knows what caused it. Well technically people are saying membrane and string theory but lets label this event as X. The world was created as a direct result of the creation of the universe, lets label this event Y. According to the bible and God he created the World. Very well ill state this as a positive conjecture and say for this to be true he would have to created X thus by creating Y. So how would God be able to create X your thinking. Lets examine this, We will never know exactly what caused the universe to be created, this is a regressive argument, we will keep finding things that caused X to occur but those events will simply degenerate into further questions. To answer this abstraction, we bring upon the idea of God. God being perfect in the old sense of the world perfect, the word perfect actually comes from a latin word meaning complete. Lets run with it, say God is complete and sense he is the answer to the abstraction, we will not ask how he was created, for this would bring a further abstraction and would only bring us to another cross roads about event X. Lets label the variable God as the Variable A. So through this we can say that A created X which created Y. Why did A create X? Because any answer to this question would degenerate to a further question requiring an abstract answer. So again God is our abstract answer, and God is complete.

    If your not convinced by that its fine, thats just an exercise of logic bringing science into the argument as a neutral force instead of one against the idea of God. I believe in God because frankly its the better gamble. Think about it, If you believe in nothing, you have no chance of gaining anything, instead you have a chance at loosing paradise if it exists no matter how slim the chance is its there. Now if you choose to believe in God, you loose some rights to Sin freely, however you can Sin and repent. However you have a chance to gain everything in the form of paradise.

    Counter my conjecture by saying that you lose the ability to possibly live your only life to its fullest by saying sining increases the quality of life, and i could say very easily that sining must be kept in check to increase the quality of life among the masses. If everyone sinned your quality of life would go down. This is a reason laws are created and society actually. Think about it, if you were allowed to have sex freely you would be allowed to rape, however you would also possibly have the chance to be raped. So in the end Sin wouldnt make for a better life, it would only increase the quality of the masses.

    Lets see here, Now we have the idea of a God. This can lead to many different religions. This is where most people should choose from. I choose Christianity because Jesus was nailed to a cross and he believed it was for me and the good of the world. I dont care if he was wrong, i feel like i owe him one. However this was not meant to be a strong argument for Christianity, just for God. My reasons for Christianity Defiantly seem frivolous however that is my placement of faith. Thats all.

    Nick K.

  40. I hate to change the subject but, This is an important message, please read and pass it along. I have a message to tell you about Revelation. The message is from God, Jesus and the Holy Ghost sent in the Spring of 2006. It is about the meaning of First is Last and Last is First as written in Revelation. The message is this: In the morning I go to Heaven. In the afternoon I live my life. In the evening I die, death. What does this mean? In other words this means Birth is Last and Last is Birth. To understand this don’t think from point A to point B. Think of this as a continous circle of life. Birth, Life, Death, Birth. God also said that Judgment will be before Birth in Heaven. AS birth on Earth is painful so will birth in Heaven. It is possible that this message was delivered by one of God’s Angels. Yes, God has recently made contact and he sent a messenger. Spread this message along, just like a chain letter. Melanie Stephan OH, one more thing. I read most of what everyone wrote. I had to lmfao. I am not going to debate or take sides. From the message that was received from God above it looks like we are all going to find out who rules for ourselves soon enough. End of Debate.

  41. Hello,

    God cares about our soul because God loves us. The bible has the word of God, the all of the Bible is not the word of God. People today can not communicate with out problems in misunderstanding. We all have free will. God gave us that. Free will. That means that God loves you enough to give you the choice to rebel. God forgives all, if they want to be forgiven. If they don’t why would God want to forgive? The Bible is a series of books that were decided by men. People of Jewish, Christian and Islamic faith all pray to the same God and want to tell others how to live. Satan is of mans ways. Men want to use the Bible to control people and tell them how to live, not God. Satan is of the ways of men. Satan wants to control, seduce.

    Is sex a sin, Is immoral Sex a sin? Well I can say that if your god is sex, meaning that all you do is think of and want sex, or drugs, or money, or fame or anything else, then there is no room in your head for other stuff. We are what we think. It is our choice. So by putting all our energy into one thing, we are sinning, by turning away from God. We are punishing ourselves, God does not need to punish us for that. When our life ends on earth, and all we do is cling to things of this planet we will suffer, as likely not wanting to let it go. Acting selfish and on our own desires.

    When we reach out to God things happen. When we try to feel love, things happen. Sure we all get hurt, my life has had many bad things happen. Real change, change in behavior and going against desire for the sake of that which has created us is a true sacrafice. How many of you have done something nice to some one only to see it unnoticed? What if they where truley appreciative? I am certain that it works like that.

    That however does not mean that God tollerates all. There is a line, you can cross it, you can cross it back. You can be forgiven. Who here has seen God and all his glory and turned away after that? No one. Only Satan and the angels that followed him have. To be mislead is fine, but to say it is your choice when you unconcioiusly shackle yourself to a prison of sex, or drugs, or distruction or anything else, you are already under control. If not then quit everything you love, then you can say you are acting on your own.

    Is what you cling to bring you satisfaction when it is gone? if it leaves you craving more then you would never be satisfied. Only the true God brings that satisfaction. There is only one creator. Foget, jews, christians or Islamic faiths…pray to the one true God and you are praying to the Same. Ask and see where it leads you.

    To be lazy or rebuke truth only because you do not want to, ony hurts yourself, like a person who will not see a doctor if they are seriously ill.

    I know to some I may seem like a babbling idiot. But nonetheless is it not interesting how all the stories we have, repeat, on a larger and smaller scale. Like a Russian doll where the outer only repeats to the inner. Or a fractal peice of art. There are superflous peices to all information, including the bible. It was written long ago. God is alive right now, the light creating your manifestation.

    If you are in the dark, light burns your eyes. If you are in the light, it does not. Is hell below, or is it a different perspective of heaven? Can the fires of hell be a different perspective or dimension of Heaven? Great music to one is torture to another. If we do not choose to turn to the lord, and if we all go to heaven, would that be torture for some? I would say yes. I would also say anyone that pretends to understand all the bible or the complete word of God, is only putting them selves up. God is alive today, and is speaking all the time. Trust not your own understanding and lean onto God. To trust only the words in the Bible, means you are trusting another understanding and therefore not listening to what is said today.

    Not to say that the Bible does not have a lot of truth. Not to say that the bible does not include real thing. But they were not explained today, they were explained before.

    I would say stay tuned to what is around you and pray to the one true God for guidence. Then make your choices being informed….. How would that hurt anyone?

  42. God told me that Leona Helmsly went to Hell. Leona had everything in life. She was born with good looks. Good jobs came her way. Then she was lucky to marry into money. Everything worked out for her. Leona began to think she was better than all the little people, she became a Queen in her Hotel. She became a mean cruel boss. She would berate employees for minor things. Hundreds of employees tell stories of how cruel she was just before they were fired for small things. God gave her everything. Leona only cared about herself. Near the end of life Leona realized she was near death. She asked God to forgive her for being so mean all her life. God said it was the eleventh hour. She knew there was a God and waited until the last minute to ask to be forgiven. God said it was to late. He sent her to Hell and that’s for eternity. God made an example of her.

    God also told me that Mike Douglas, Merv Griffin, Nancy Reagan and Richard Dawkins go to Heaven. You can do your own research on these people to determine why they go to Heaven. Richard is a well known Atheist yet he goes to Heaven. I found that interesting. Money also does not seem to be an issue.

    God said that Jerry Falwell does not go to Heaven. He does not go to Hell either. Jerry falls into a third catagory of people that God does not want in Heaven and he doesn’t wait to torture either. Jerry just becomes Null, or nothing. Jerry was a TV evangleist. So just believing in Jesus does not nesesscarily get you into Heaven either.

    Now God didn’t tell me where Satan worshipers go. I would guess it would depend on if you Kill people as a devil worshipper or if your a kind devil worshipper? What kind are you?

    • What are you some kind of prophetess of some sort? I’m not sure if your visions are from God, because He clearly said “if you truly repent of your sins, then you shall be forgiven”. And how could an atheist go to heaven? When again, Jesus said “If you believe, then you will bE saved”.
      Again “I am the way, the truth, and the life”. An atheist does not believe any of that so therEfore he would not be a candidate for heaven. Do not confuse people, keep the scriptures pure, read the word. READ THE WORD! glory be to got in the hiGHEST.

  43. Another opinion:

    So much hatred and hypocrisy here. I suppose people gravitate towards Satanism (which, philosophically is just an atheistic Darwinian offshoot of a Christian myth) because this type of posturing gives a temporal catharsis. But mocking and provoking those whose belief one either feels threatened by or finds emotionally unpleasant is understandable but hardly a high road to be standing on when preaching about sheep and ignorance. I grew up with this reactionary behavior and as I look back I see chemistry not revelation. Adolescence causes an uprising in the brain, and when this is greeted with the theatrics of people like LaVey (who simply allow ego and insecurity to define truth) as well as the pretensions of artists whose work is designed to justify anger and self-righteousness, sometimes people become chemically stunted. Combine this with nostalgia for the elements one is exposed to in youth and an overwhelming bias is crated which makes a person believe that adolescent behavior is less a phase of maturity than some kind of righteous rage to be kept alive lest the spirit wither. Humility seems a stronger place for the mind to me in that it doesn\’t require facades and herd mentality. Humility also serves to temper the ego which the human world has an unhealthy amount of. When I hear someone raging and preaching and mocking others I see only obnoxiousness and emotional blindness. To fit into pretentious stances and getting petty pleasure from upsetting other people is not a sign of strength but of weakness and ignorance. What is arrogance but aggressive ignorance. How can one selectively question religious philosophy, finding it pathetic and yet appeal to concepts such as ‘freedom\’ and ‘love\’ as if these are any more stable when confronted with cold logic. Why do so many spend their time (time they see as finite and desperately short) dressing up in costumes which are weaved from reactionary thread? Why call religion idiotic and the religious weak then build ones self a personal philosophy and image based on a hostile reaction to such things? Why not allow for positive alternatives rather than accentuate the negative? This is especially important to note if one believes that existence is absurdity and/or meaningless. If you dispense with the theory of a personal creator and an eternal conscious soul than nothing is ‘right\’ or ‘wrong\’ and one only has a personal opinion to label anyone else as one or the other. In fact Christianity could even be respected by a true nihilist, historically, as a strong dog that leashed its master and continues to do so. So much selective intelligence and so much ego dancing around these issues. Can anyone make time to question themselves as ruthlessly as they question others? As a child I found wonder in atmospheres and the impressions they made in my mind. As an adult I have difficulty getting past wonder at the aggressive banality of man.

    My personal breakdown of these issues would be as follows: Christianity is a belief system for those who need it and only becomes dangerous when distorted and politicized. Atheism is either ignorance of (as in an infant) or a rejection of theism and only becomes dangerous when made into a defense mechanism or politicized. Satanism is atheism with wax vampire teeth and can become dangerous when its allure overwhelms the chemistry of adolescents. Agnosticism seems more an objective philosophical position (and therefore more empirically sound) to me in that it uses doubt or the unknown as a template rather than skepticism which, I have found, tends to cater to bias and ego. At any rate I wish humans could be less enthusiastic about building themselves up on the wreckage and mockery of others but then maybe the human animal is destined to equate ego with truth. I do find it odd that many people who have talked to me concerning personal insignificance in the great scheme have a hard time tempering their own egoism when it comes to the beliefs of others. Food for thought or rot.

  44. To Rosenell,
    What God told conflicks with what is written in the New Testament. God did not contradict the Old testament that I know of. Think about it, use logic, “Why would a Good Atheist go to Hell?” Just believing in God or Jesus is not the measure of where you spend the rest of eternity. Your Judged on your works, not in what you believe to be true or false.

  45. Correction: To the meaning of First is Last and Last is First . It means that Birth is Last and Birth is First. Sorry for the error. God talks in symbols and opposites at times so it takes time to figure out what he is saying. Some of his messages are clearer than others, plus they have multiple meanings.

  46. Certainly a lot of hate and anger (and really bad grammer) displayed here, which does not surprise me. I really recommend reading (or viewing/listening to) any work by Joseph Campbell, he was the leading authority on world mythology. All the legends, myths, religions, sects and holy books of the ages were made by humans & formed at different times and within different political & social structures with the basic human longing to feel a part of the world they found themselves in. Certain types, like the Judeo-Christian & Islamic, were very political (& quite pugnacious). My problem with that is because the last time we mixed politics with religion people got burned… literally! You wanna talk about visions of hell, see the inquisition (or any middle eastern tragedy from today’s headlines).

    Remember, history is written by the winners baby, always.

    I really don’t think it matters if you worship Satan, pray to Jesus, dance for Dionysos, adore Kali, talk to Brother Eagle, smoke ganja for Shiva or invoke the Great Serpent Mother… Devotion can lead to spiritual bliss, …or raging fanaticism! Just let me do my thing & I let you do your thing and lets promise NOT to suicide bomb each other because we call the Almighty by a different name! And lets move beyond the 4th grade name calling; I think we can do better than that.

    Let me just close with a quote from Albert Einstein who said: “Few people are capable of expressing with equanimity opinions which differ from the prejudices of their social environment. Most people are even incapable of forming such opinions.”


  47. i like church of satan

  48. i want to be a member of church of satan because i want to be rich

  49. this is for Jesus messenger im glad u decided to follow Christ but christ was perfect n to be a christain is to be christ like do u think cussing out someone to get ur point across about Jesus is a little hypicritical i do all sin is equal o n to everyone else i understand the diff forms of Satanism not that i agree w/it but yea my boyfriends a Lavain satanist n he quit drugs n drinking there big on respecting ur temple so whoever said that just cuz u do drugs n drink u must be a satanist is retarded unless ur talking about traditional satanism where they actually worship satan himself and all he stands for but i dont think so cuz last i checked this was a lavain satanist site and lavain is all about worshiping the opposing power ( yourself ) n the word satan means opposing power not that ne one is satan the word can obviously be used in diff ways satan himself is the oposing power to God so his name came from the word not the other way around get it but id like to say i belive in empowering yourself n having pride but never to the point of worship only the creater himself deserves that God think about that people if ur not w/God ur against him wether its worshiping satan himself or your own self

  50. hey nick i agree W/what u said religion n politics shouldnt be mixed it causes too much conflict, o n to Melanie stephen the road to hell is paved w/good intentions meaning good people go to hell too if u dont have jesus in ur heart ur good works count for nothing on judgement day, u have to repent of ur sins or there counted against u only jesus blood could cover them thats why he died, to save us, all we have to do is ask n we will recieve. sry if i got carried away but i just hate to see people being handed out false info

  51. all you people that are saying hail satan are wrong and to the preson that wants to be a saninist youdon’t you just looking 4 an easy way to hail so thak it from my point of view be a christain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!