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nettle envy

Take a nettle and brush it against the head of your penis. If you haven’t got an erection so far, this should bring one on. It doesn’t hurt much, the sensation is rather good in fact. Brush some more nettles against your penis, the shaft as well. Gradually a rash will appear and little bumps. Keep going.” Come on, own up. Have any of you tried this? Or anything similar? It’s for a research project. Honest. [via Dave].


Yesterday’s announcement by the BBC that it had won a Webby for best radio site at this year’s awards ceremony has been borne out by the official results, suggesting that the Beeb may just have had a degree of prior knowledge of the outcome. Surprises included Live Journal beating Blogger into second place for Personal Website (Peoples Choice Award), but they have been lobbying distastefully hard. Weird site of the year went to the widely blogged Peter Pan homepage, but at least logic prevailed with the choice of Google as ‘Best Practice’ and the award for humour being received once again by The Onion.

drunk girls

Guys have always been famed for their riotous drunken behaviour, where as Women have always been seen as reserved and restrained, this site wishes to re-address this misconception with stories and photographs of female drunkennessAnd why not?

cow’s stream

According this this reputable source, the true meaning of the name ‘Kilburn’ is Cow’s Stream. It also suggest’s that I work in Hoc’s Farm, having formerly been resident in Hund’s Mound, woodland clearing with sheepfold, Haca’s island, new farm by the tree stumps, Cena’s farm, estate held by man from Kent, ford on a Roman road, homestead by the hillock and Beorhtsige’s stone. Ooooh, it used to be all fields round these parts…

cat scanning

At last. A site that attempts to answer a question that has troubled mankind since the dawn of time. Probably. Why do cats paint?

100% natural

This site was developed because of popular demand.” What can it possibly be? Why, it’s a service offering Male Breast Enlargement, of course.


This is a very good weblog:But that’s what it takes. Strippers. You send a caravan of dancers over to the Gaza Strip and we’ll see a cease fire in ten minutes. You put boobs in front of a guys face, sedate him with some bad beer, and you could tape a monkey to his head and all he’d say is “thanks”. Yes. We men are stupid. But I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again. It’s just easier that way.” Go read it now…

i’m hip, me

I took the Weblog Hipness Quiz, of course, to discover that I’ve a ‘hip rating’ of twenty. Which means “You’re pretty hip but you don’t care much about popularity. That makes you better than any A-Lister.” Couldn’t agree more myself…