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hackety hack

I watched as hundreds of names scrolled by, along with credit-card information and data about spending behavior.” As scaremongering goes, Michael Specter does a pretty good job of convincing that hackers will one day bring the entire Internet to its knees, using phrases like “doomsday click” at every possible opportunity.


And finally everything fell nicely into place. Readers who managed to keep awake during my previous ramblings on the disaster that’s been the organisation of my holiday might be mildly interested to know I’ve managed to turn things round. A new travel agent, The Russia Experience, a slightly different route, and two days in a Ger on the Mongolian Steppes. For the uninitiated, a Ger is the kind of wood-framed lambskin tent that Genghis Khan lived in, although I understand that raping and pillaging is no longer part of the tour.

missing in action

Monday night staged the third Kilburn blogmeet, open to all bloggers resident in London’s NW2 and NW6 postal codes. As usual, only myself and Marcia bothered to show up — no Luke, no Meg, no David. Too busy for the likes of us, I expect. Or maybe it’s because we neglected to invite them. Ah. That’ll be it then.