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“When you start remote sexual intercourse with your partner using FuckU-FuckMe(tm) the system will transmit all your actions to his/her genitalDrive and precisely reproduce them in real time.” As usual, there isn’t a version for Mac users.

nigel mansell

For some reason, this made me laugh more than anything I’ve seen recently…

i’m chinese, me.

Another invaluable service thrown up by the Internet: Visit this site, insert your name, and discover your Chinese name and sign of the Zodiac. The English approximation of the name in the pop-up is Li Furui. I was apparently born in the year of The Horse. [via Luke].

let’s play cards

At the foot of the hill where I live, there are some telephone boxes filled with cards advertising the services of scantilly clad ladies. Most are professionally produced, featuring the girls in a variety of erotic poses, accompanied by descriptions of the kind of wares on offer, although my favourite just had “I Like My Job” scrawled on a plain bit of white card alongside the phone number. I’ve always wanted an excuse to take some of the cards home, and now I do, with the discovery of Prostitute Trading Trumps. Is it my turn to shuffle? More sex here.

privacy matters

Anyone concerned about online security should really click here, for a graphic description of how insecure your credit card and personal details are once you’ve purchased anything online. Scary stuff indeed. [via David].

slug death

“Although slugs do have a response against predators, it consists merely of rocking gently from side to side.” Which makes them an easy target for colonies of patrolling robots.


“Observing the world and the human being without shyness.” Some things I’m not even going to attempt to explain. This is one.