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paypal warning

Oh dear. I just bought a couple of things over the Internet for the first time using PayPal, and then I read this. Should I be worried?

clown supplies

Bubba’s Clown Supplies is a great site. Not only can you buy all sorts of clown-related paraphernalia (wigs, noses, CDs of Calliope Music), but for some unfathomable reason the homepage reverberates to a midi version of Creedence Clearwater Revival’s “Down On The Corner”. Very nice.

rice romp

“Come on in and let Baldo the rice guy show you around!” Why do companies insist on using “cute” cartoon characters in an attempt to market otherwise bland products to impressionable children? “Baldo” is the new spokesperson for the otherwise dull US Rice Producers Association. Whatever next? Billy the brilliant brussell sprout? Bert the bouncy broad bean? I will not be suckered.


I am going to be a father. At Bill’s suggestion, today I signed up to create a creature at technosphere, a virtual world full of strange wheeled animals. My animal is called Minge, and after a day of inactivity she has conceived a child, fathered by someone called Flaming Lizard. I’m very excited. Currently Minge is healthy, and in the best of spirits.


Hardly anyone ever leaves comments on this website. I really wish they did, as it would give me a better idea of who reads it, if anyone. Then someone like Bill leaves a comment. This is nice. So I go and visit Bill’s site, and it turns out that Bill is a girl. Fantastic. But then Bill doesn’t have a biog on her site, so I’m unable to find anything else out. Why, Bill? What are you hiding? On the other hand, perhaps I don’t want to know. She has a page which confuses me just about more than any other I’ve seen — I’ve really got no idea what it’s about. Please explain.

By the way, Ritchie lives for the time-being; he’s been more frisky these last couple of days.

doomsday approaches

As I write, the ongoing vote to decide whether Ritchie dies or not is as follows:

  • Yes! Kill Him — 64 votes.

  • No! Let him die a natural death — 40 votes.

Tomorrow at midnight counting will stop and, the die finally cast, Ritchie will either sit in the fish equivalent of the electric chair, or be given a final stay of execution. Vote now!


It’s quite simple. You get a PC, and create an online identity — an email address, instant messaging IDs, perhaps a profile at Yahoo! Perfectly straightforward. Then someone else comes along and steals your identity, not just once, but time after time. Then other people come along and police this area. The Internet creates work everywhere.