paypal warning

Oh dear. I just bought a couple of things over the Internet for the first time using PayPal, and then I read this. Should I be worried?


  1. I don’t think so. Any new system is going to have problems and any system where money changes hands is going to be the subject of scam artists. I don’t see why PayPal should be any different. That said, given the number of transactions that PayPal processes each day, I’d say the number of horror stories on that site represents at best a marginal percentage of the total.

    That said…it’s true that PayPal gives you exactly zero protection should you get scammed, so like anything else, buyer beware.


  3. dont make any large transactions with paypal, and dont give them access to too much bank or credit card info.. they will keep asking you for more!! don’t fall into the trap. They want your money so they can earn interest off it or do something with it who knows and if you try to take it from them they will just freeze your account for suspicious activity and ask you to provide things they know you cannot and hold your money for ever!