Hardly anyone ever leaves comments on this website. I really wish they did, as it would give me a better idea of who reads it, if anyone. Then someone like Bill leaves a comment. This is nice. So I go and visit Bill’s site, and it turns out that Bill is a girl. Fantastic. But then Bill doesn’t have a biog on her site, so I’m unable to find anything else out. Why, Bill? What are you hiding? On the other hand, perhaps I don’t want to know. She has a page which confuses me just about more than any other I’ve seen — I’ve really got no idea what it’s about. Please explain.

By the way, Ritchie lives for the time-being; he’s been more frisky these last couple of days.


  1. Did you try my therapy idea?

    Frisky is good. Frisky might mean he needs a bit of fishy nookie though…

  2. I’m leaving a comment so you know I’m reading. I’m just the shy, quiet type who needs to be begged to leave comments before she does.

  3. michele is neither qiet but shy, netiher am I, and what’s the deal, are you trying to pull some florida thing with the richey ballot?

  4. Hey — I comment occasionally. But then I also post occasionally, so I’m not altogether sure if that counts.

  5. I read your page almost, sort of daily.

  6. Well, it’s nice to know people are out there. To g, I’m letting Ritchie live for the time being because he does seem happier — I think I ought to put him to death, but he might not be suffering as much as I think, so I keep him alive. Perhaps unwisely, I don’t know. Incidentally, it’s strange to discover that posts I make when I’m drunk get a nice response…