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new york new york

A pretty successful first 24 hours. Spent last night a several East Village bars, ending up at one where the girls I was with were on good terms with the bartender. Such good terms, in fact, that the rather large tab we ran up came to approximately $2 each.

Today was more sporting. I spent the afternoon at Giants Stadium watching the quite dismal New York Jets struggle against the previously hopeless Buffalo Bills, in a game marked by NY quarterback Vinnie Testaverdi’s apalling decision making at crucual moments and an inability to find a passing game that included his team-mates. Final Score: New York 9, Buffalo 14.

This evening found me at Madison Square Gardens to see the New York Knicks take on the Orlando Magic. Despite a brilliant first half from Latrell Sprewell, the Knicks blew a 12 point lead half-way through the final quarter to go down to a couple of late three-pointers, making it a satisfactory return for former Knicks legend Patrick Ewing. Mind you, it can’t have helped the home team’s chances having Chris Rock and Howard Stern sitting in the front row.

bell end

A merry Xmas, one and all. Went home to see the family yesterday, back in London today. I also seem to have been awarded some kind of weblogging honour at this site but, not speaking Dutch, I’ve no idea what it is. Worst weblog of 2001? Most self-serving site of the year? Most links used without ever crediting the source? Whatever, I feel extremely honoured, and would like to thank the academy, my agent, and especially the millions of fans who went out of their way to vote. I’ll be pumping out more of the same crap next year, and that’s a promise.


Oolong is a rabbit. Oolong’s owner has a website devoted to Oolong. It is quite fantastic, featuring literally thousands of photos of Oolong dating back to 1994. Absolutely what the Internet was invented for.