bell end

A merry Xmas, one and all. Went home to see the family yesterday, back in London today. I also seem to have been awarded some kind of weblogging honour at this site but, not speaking Dutch, I’ve no idea what it is. Worst weblog of 2001? Most self-serving site of the year? Most links used without ever crediting the source? Whatever, I feel extremely honoured, and would like to thank the academy, my agent, and especially the millions of fans who went out of their way to vote. I’ll be pumping out more of the same crap next year, and that’s a promise.


  1. it’s a thing where dutch webloggers pass each other a sort of relayrace stick and they can tell everyone what they think is the best weblog, best design, etc Sikkema thinks you are the best foreign weblog, saying above all you are a good linkdumper….linkdumper, is that a compliment??

  2. In Holland we have two kinds of webloggers: linkdumpers and egodumpers. The linkdumpers are the weblogs who concentrate mostly on good links, the egodumpers are the storytellers/diary/lifelogs.

    Like Blogjam, I am also a ‘linkdumper’ and I voted Blogjam as best foreign weblog because of the good quality links, so yes, it’s a compliment :)

  3. Well, I’m truly humbled. Thankyou very much.