1. hunting is a cruel sport.it is not right to use dogs to kill foxes for fun and pleasure.did you know that when a dog is too old to hunt it is shot in the head. all that comes from hunting is murder. how would you like to be in a cage hundreds of other dogs all day and your only exercise is to kill things and then be killed yourself. hunting is cruel to the dogs and foxes and must be stopped!

  2. You are a liar who apparently does not know anything at all about hunting and the tradition. I have never, never once heard that you shoot the dog when it to old to hunt, about the time it gets to old to hunt people have grown attahed. You need to stop posting about things that you have no knowledge of ojnce or ever.

  3. Hunt – you may not abuse your dogs, but that is not the point. The foxes are still being killed for no reason. And some hunters do not grow attached to their dogs. Many are desensitized to death (at least with regard to non-humans) and don’t shed a tear. Hunting serves no purpose other than to satisfy bloodlust.

  4. There are far more important issues than this topic. Anyhow, how many farmers lose live stock such as hens or chickens to foxs? How many farmers lost young calfs do to wolfs or yotes? How car wrecks happened because of collisions with wild game, how many human lives were lost in those accidents? I would rather see a moose, deer or any other big game hunted and eaten for food than to see the driver of the car and the big game animal both deed, both wasted.

    Now lets take this one step further….why don’t we band alcohol? After all it killed far more human life than the number of foxes in fox hunts. Of all the creatures that the Creater created, the human being is the greatest of all his creation. How many famillies broke up do to alcohol? How many bussiness men or ladies lost thier bussiness do to alcohol? In fact, some lost everything period.

    They call alcohol poison, yet it is legal to make and consume. Yes in your eyes fox hunting may be cruel, and your entitled to your opinion, but how cruel is it when someone gets behind the wheel of thier vehical after a number of beer or any other alcohol bev. then drives? Or kill someone out of rage at a bar?

    Thats my rant for now.

  5. i wish the contrevesry between hunters and animal pacifists would stop because hunting is how humans have evolved to the greatest species on earth. evolution is the way of life. you could say that you should stop dog shows becuase it emabarrasses the dogs(which is animal abuse). hunting is the way life is.you have to hunt to live. have you ever thought of overpopulation? do you want animals always running down the street?. i think hunting is fine as long as the hunter uses the meat and dosen’t waste any materials.


  6. Hunting is very bad. All animals have a right to live… by hunting,you take that away fom them.also, you will scare all the other animals off,in result, their will be no more wild life.