kitten threat

I feel a challenge coming on. My current domination of the Internet kitten market is about to be threatened by a newcomer. The site is owned by the brilliantly named Charlotte Pepper, and although I may have struck first in the kitten goldrush, I think there’s room for plenty of other prospectors.


  1. I’ve got a bit of experience in computers, Graphics in particular, but I’m shamefully mainstream. It’s just that the programs on my course are so ******* expensive, Ive turned to pirates to get the stuff I need to work at home.
    Turning out some decent stuff too, nothing big time. I think your database of kittens is too small. Sorry, I did enjoy them, but they repeat too often. And I hope they all get to grow to be cats.

  2. Quite possiblty. There’s sixty-odd kittens at the momemt, but I’ve found a few more and lots of people have emailed me some of their own. So, watch this space.

  3. I loved your Asher D thing!

    u need 2 watch your back though! I bet theres a million 14 year old, racially confused white boys baying for your blood now!