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betty boop sends me an email

From my inbox:

Hey I really like your cat site!
I was wondering if I could send you a kitty clock that has a swinging tail. If you add a photo link to your site, i would love to send you one in return.


Betty Boop – email

What do I do? Shall I keep the kittens pure, untainted by the hand of e-commerce? To be honest, I think I’d rather have their cigarette shitting donkey. That kitten clock is really ugly.

dot com death

I work for a dot com. This man is just about the only man left at a dot com. His pictures are extremely scary.

hunt the boeing

“Here’s a little game for you: Take a look at these photographs and try to find evidence to corroborate the official version. It’s up to you to Hunt the Boeing!” September 11th conspiracy theorists start here.

mobile spam

“The information we collect is personally identifiable. MobileSpam uses this information for both internal and external marketing purposes. We never discard or destroy information once collected. We regulary use, sell, and distribute this information to anyone who can pay for it.” MobileSpam is a spoof site, but the scary part is that it’s probably no different from the sites it’s spoofing…

dymo tape

tape (4k image)
Excellent. Create your message of choice using the magic of dymo tape.

brains for sale

“Some brains are just naturally better, juicier, and formerly smarter than others, and we’ve got them here at We sell only the highest quality fresh brains, delivered straight to your door.” If Amazon were to move into the body-parts market, their site would look exactly like this.