1. I want kittens now!

  2. You know, Fraser, this obsession with kittens might be seen by some as a touch unhealthy…are these perhaps being used symbolically?

  3. “a touch unhealthy”.
    that must be the understatement of the year.

    fraser, i’m worried.

  4. My cat plays flute can she join?? That is so cute!!!

  5. this is phat (the kitties ) wow.

  6. the kittens are soooooo cute!!!

  7. Thank you for the time to place the pictures of the kittens on the web for all to share … I belive that as long as I live everday is something or someone provides a little pleasure for someone else to make this world a bearable place to live in. Thank YOU again..

  8. fraser,
    what’s this thing in the middle?
    a chinchilla?

    some begin to see white mice…fraser sees kittens and chichis jamming on the beach.

    man, what can i do for you????