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anja’s back

It’s probably at this point that I should plug Anja’s wonderful, updated site. In fact, it’s a litte shameful that I haven’t done so already. Tsk tsk tsk. So go and say hello, and tell her about your experiences with various hit counters and trackers so that she can chose the perfect one without actually thinking. Thanks.

i’m upset

I’m upset, and it seems that others are upset too. Some time ago Graham put together a page featuring a motley collection of passport photos from a number of UK webloggers. Then the Richmond Informer, a no-doubt well-respected local newspaper, produced a recruitment advert using a selection of the pictures without asking permission from any of those involved. Meg relates the story, as she’s one of the aggrieved parties, but I can’t help but feel miffed that they chose not to include my image. What’s wrong with it? Is it because they don’t think I have a “vibrant personality and loads of confidence”? Although I’ve got plenty of sympathy for the others that were chosen, I fear I may have to sue for defamation of character…

spam count

I get a lot of spam, and a lot of viruses. Yesterday I decided to keep all the spam sent to my work address, and then examine it. This is what I found:

  • Total pieces of spam received yesterday: 119
  • Total number of viruses received: 58
  • Spam related to real estate: 2
  • Spam related to legal sexual activity: 8
  • Spam related to illegal sexual activity: 6
  • Spam related to search engine submission: 22
  • Spam related to get-rich-quick schemes: 19
  • Spam related to music events: 31
  • Spam related to computer/network security: 5
  • Spam related to weight loss programmes: 14
  • Foreign language spam: 11
  • Snow White virus: 3 times
  • Klez virus: 28 times
  • Sircam virus: 6 times
  • Badtrans virus: 5 times
  • Gibe virus: 5 times
  • Magistr virus: 2 times
  • Win XP Patch virus: 1 time
  • Unknown viruses not picked up by either of the two anti-virus programmes my incoming mail goes through: 8

All in a days work…

bobby gillespie’s hair

I’ve been in a band since 1989. We’re called Bobby Gillespie’s Hair, and play about once a year, mostly small gigs with the occasional party thrown in. We even headlined a rock festival once, going onstage after Sonic Youth. We’re really, really, shit, especially on a good night – if you can imagine the worst, most drunken karaoke singer you’ve ever seen, with the music performed by four other individuals suffering from similar levels of intoxication, you’re getting close. Last night saw 2002’s live performance, at the wedding of my friend Mark and his partner Donna. I’ve compiled a selection of photographs of the event, which took place at London’s swanky Churchill Intercontinental Hotel. I don’t think we’ll be asked back.


Please join me in wishing myself a very happy birthday.

i want to work at microsoft

Some people just want a job in computers. Others are more specific, for instance if they want to work for Microsoft. And then there are those who really, and I mean really, want to work for Microsoft and literally nothing else will do.

yoga kitty

“For the first time in the history of the planet, ancient yogic secrets of healing energy are available to all, regardless of social status, income, religion, age, sex, or species.” Yes, it’s yoga videos for you and your cat. [via udn].