first comes second

Ever get the feeling you’ve been cheated? My flatmate Chris & I were joined by David and Jonathan last night for the monthly pop quiz at Kilburn’s glamourous Zd Bar, where our extremely impressive 53 points from a possible 60 was enough to see off the competition (bear in mind that only four other teams took part). Our prize? ?20, split four ways. The team who came second won a crate of alcopops with an approximate bar price of close to ?50. Where’s the logic in that? Glory and a little money is nice, but free alcohol is a real prize. And it lasts a little longer.


  1. Ditto (with knobs on)

  2. bah. bar price of $50 means retail value of approximately $2.

  3. Alcohol lasting a little longer?
    Not in this universe ;)

  4. Surely, this makes an interesting addition to the normal run-of-the-mill pub quiz, where the skill is not in answering the questions, but judging the skill of all other teams around to make sure you come second?