stop piracy

You know that dodgy copy of Photoshop 7.0 you downloaded from Kazaa last night? Put it back, because The BSA are on your case. They’re an organisation which “educates computer users on software copyrights and cyber security; advocates public policy that fosters innovation and expands trade opportunities; and fights software piracy.” All highly laudible aims, you might think, but I’ve got to wonder at their chances of success. Why? Because one of their main prongs of attack is a quite fantastic (and yet completely ludicrous) flash movie explaining how much your life will improve by licensing your software. It’s like your dad attempting to warn you off drugs by retelling his one bad acid trip story from the sixties; not convincing in the slightest, and somehow glamourising the whole experience at the same time.


  1. that Meg A. Byte is hot… not sure about the double-jointed knees though….

  2. Just catching up on the site, Re: 26th July comment about the pull-o-meter.

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