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my music

Months after I first saw it put to use on Dave’s site, I finally got round to installing blogamp, a nifty little programme that displays what tracks I’m listening to on my PC in real time. The list can be seen on the right hand side of this page, down there… that’s it… down a bit… you’ve got it. Clever stuff eh?

surfers block

Sometimes I can go for days without finding something truly fantastic on the web, and I’m loathe to post just because I ought to, or because I’m worried that people will think I’ve given up (like anyone would either notice or care, for a start), but then someone will email me a link and the ball starts to roll. The first was a website for The Holy Land Experience, an American theme park that’s a cross between Jerusalem and Disneyland, and this was swiftly followed by a story about Stalin World, a holiday destination in Lithuania that somehow combines that Walt Disney appeal with the worst of Soviet gulag prison camp life. Sometimes you gotta just love the web.

bad apple

Mac users will always tell you – Apple computers are more reliable. It’s a shame, therefore, that the same can’t be said for the company’s staff. Customers in Germany browsing the corporate website are currently being greeted by a message that, roughly translated, reads as follows: “The Internetdomain has been deleted – possibly inadvertently – by Apple Germany. We do not know the exact circumstances. We have informed the management of Apple Germany about it and offered a quick workaround. German-language information about Apple is still available here:”

Now that’s really quite embarassing.


There’s been far too much nudity on this site of late. Naked spidermen, naked magicians, naked US presidents, naked football fans, it’s all become a little seedy, a little unpleasant. I’m not particularly happy about the way things are developing, so it’s time for me to apologise, and promise that I’ll try and clean up and make things a little more decent around the place. Here’s a peace offering.


In reality, it should be near impossible to find anything amusing in a story that tells of an accused child molester being found in a coma, impaled on a cactus. Child abuse is obviously abhorrent, but I’m no believer in vigilante justice either. But boy, did ever a man have a surname this inappropriate?

tobey mcguire naked

A very warm welcome to all readers of The Guardian. If you’re here for the first time, perhaps you might like to to see some naked pictures of Tobey McGuire, star of Spiderman. Here they are, although they’re probably not safe for work viewing. If that’s not quite to your taste (and who can blame you?) then perhaps my World famous Random Kitten Generator is just the sort of thing you’re looking for. Either way, why not tell me exactly what you think in my guestbook? Thanks for dropping by, and please visit again.


I really liked Mike’s UK bloggers chart, although it obviously demonstrates the popularity of UK weblogs amongst other webloggers rather than with a wider Internet population, so I came up with an alternative. Blogpop uses a different measuring device, and is flawed in many ways, but I had fun compiling it. There’s a few weblogs I was surprised to see didn’t make it, and suspect a more accurate poll would fall somewhere between the two sets of results.