ill mitch

If ‘Ole Dirty Bastard doesn’t manage to remain on the loose long enough to record with the Wu-Tang Clan again, at least the rest of the group can turn to Ill Mitch for help. He iz da bomb.


  1. no way! busta rhymes pwnz joo!!! :D

    i don’t listen to much rap, actually.

  2. Ill mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bombIll mitch is da bomb

  3. I love ill mitch’s rap

  4. LMAO.. what the fukk is this ill mitch faggot?? you’ve gotta be fukking KIDDING me! this homo CAN NOT rap..stick to skate boarding you Russian bastard

  5. hahahahahahahaha

  6. Ill mitch rulez!!! ADRIAN you’re a faggot, so listen here homo if you’ve got something to say about russians you better come up to one of us and talk shit then. American faggot….

  7. Don’t sleep on Ill Mitch…I’ve heard some of his shit. Homeboy got the Russian lyrical flow.

  8. Ill Mitch is the mother fucking shit. I dont like all you idiots calling him a fag, you guys are the fucking fags. Real men can see real talent, and Mitch has it. I tell you his is russias badass, and America’s gangsta. So all ya go fuck yourself.

    just joking, this guy is a loony toon, he most likly gets it up the ass from his uncle.

  9. ill mitch is the only true shit out there today
    no one can hang with his flow. it’s like bam! in your face shit dog…
    emenin looks up to ill mitch . there’s no doubt about him he’s the best ,,,he’s my hero!!!!!!!!!!

  10. yo yo ill mitch is da bomb. Fo sho he is da best thang out since mc pee pants.

  11. yo yo ill mitch is da bomb. Fo sho he is da best thang out since mc pee pants. yo yo
    for shizzel

  12. me and ill mitch got down last weekwnd he ant no faggot for sho

  13. what up my snizzes this is da real ill mitch for nizzie like bizzie ill mitch is wack yo

  14. i am a stupid idiot!

  15. Wow… one would think that it’s time to sample the Ill style… till they note most of these comments are posted by Chuck. Nice work chuck!! Ill mitch cutting you in on some vodka?

  16. definitely, ill mitch is cooler than you guys have calculated. but my question is does anybody have access to any illmitch rhymes? i got a couple bootlegs but they sound like shit. and even though i ain’t russian, i got russia’s back on this one. anybody know any cool tricks that ill mitch does on his board?

    “board ride is serious and quick”
    — ill mitch, boarding fast.

    p.s. i would also be willing to pay cashmonee$$$ for illmitch videos of punching and rapping.

  17. my name is kevin and i have a belly button ring

  18. where can i find his rap songs…totally stoked to hear him now!!

  19. ill mitch is the gayest fag in the world and he needs to go back to his own fuckin country and punch his bag and rap the fuckin queer

  20. ill mitch is my idol!!!!!!! He can kick anyone’s ass who disses him cause he punches on his boxing bag. Ill Mitch 4-Life Dawg!!!!!!!!

  21. if somebody could email me a link to dl some of mitch’s music, that’d be great… ;)

  22. im drunk, and ill mitch is the motherfucking shit. zonks, he actually says skateboarding is both fast and danger. how fucking cool can you get. i swear to god, i’d marry that stupid mofoing russian fag. you’re #1 in my book

  23. ich will Ill in derAsel ficken. Kein Weg. Er war so schoen in seiner Seitung. Ill Mitch, ruf mich an.Kann ich dein Nummer haben, oder dein Musik hoeren?

  24. I tried shavin my pubes but the crabs are still there. GO ILL MITCH

  25. is this ill mitch guy for real? seriously! he doesnt look like a fag,he looks like he has mental issues!!!! i havnt heard his music but from lookin at his photos he has no taste, he seriosly needs a make over! oh yeah….go to the gym!!!!! scranny fuck!

  26. ha ha ha ha what a joke!

  27. is fast and danger?


    he’ll make millions in the states


  28. UUUUu, i question why am i posting on this…..BUT, is this really seroius….it has to be a joke. You gay fucking faggot…

  29. Man Ill mitch is the shiznit. He is so cool. I am really upset that you guys put him down. If it makes Mitch happy to rap/skate/punch then why put him down. Honestly, you are all gay.

  30. three words for you …….. he is GAY

  31. What the crap is goin on here? I am scared of all you freaks and wierdos making fun of Ill Mitch. I’m even more freaked out by the wierdos defending him.

  32. Watch Ill Mitch, well phil is out to get you…he will rap harder then you ever can….and punch…and skate!!

    Here are some more words for you but from a different person…
    Ill Mitch is gay and bitch,,, or is it serouis and gay???i dont know i cant speak what ever grammer your ,ahhhh i’ve confused my self again…..

  33. just some words of wisdom for mitch

    Everything you know is wrong

  34. Let me ask you a question? Did Ill Mitch migrate from Russia or flee from it? Who knows maybe Russia likes wierd, psycho BAD crap singers…. I mean rap singers. Or maybe the russians were running for turkey as they drove Ill Mitch out of the country. Who knows …….

  35. Does any one know if Ill Mitch raps in English or Russian?

  36. oh my lord (again again)

    Well then gay man……
    Everything you know is wrong because i know you think you know your right but your wrong, or am I wrong for thinking that I know your wrong by thinking i know your wrong because you think your wrong. Or are you right?…….

  37. Nate is gay

  38. ill mitch is the coolest fuckin thing in the world. id like to see you guys punch and rap at the same time. all praise our lord and savior ill mitch!

  39. dude. ill mitch kicks ass. my muffin friends n i are ordering his cd and buying his shirts to sport them all over alaska. oh yeah, he is one sexy peice of russian bad-ass…dontchaknow

  40. ill mitch is my sexy bitch! i want him..him and his punching bag….lol….i mean you know after rap how he is most happy? well rap is our codde word ;) ;)…lol….ALASKA LOVES ILL MITCH! russia is pushing out the mad rapping pups…DoOoOdEe! i am definately a “LADIES FANS”-take it back now ya’ll…love, poppyseed

  41. Wooooo calm down Alaskan dude. Ill mitch ain’t like that. Stay away from Mitch. You frighten him.

  42. ILL MITCH in the hizzhouse

    Does anyone know a URL or a site where I can hear some of Ill Mitch’s songs…

  43. Yo G dog ,home boyz I needz some Ill Mitch song to rap in fun with . Canz you gets me the download site still fly home CAts

  44. Ill mitch sucks !!!!!! that dumb A$$ . He copied the shirt idea from me!!!

  45. I’ll mitch r0xx0rz j00 alll!!! I have all of his shirts!!

  46. Ill Mitch, the whole thing about him is fake, it’s a joke. My brothers friends friend knows him, and the made then whole thing up, He’s not an immigrant. He lives a town away from me in Bergen County, NJ

  47. Check out his site you can buy his CD

  48. No Shit the thing is fake…he prolly doesn’t even have a CD he would just take your money and that’s it…

  49. u know we dont appreciate you all talkin smack about ill mitch cuz hes my bitch man…tahts not funny dude.

  50. des ill mitch really have a cd? is it ok to give him my credit card number? i want to hear this… “artist”

  51. Sorry guys, my site joke. Can not buy stuff off it. I made as joke. gone to far. ill mitch retire.

  52. yo yo is dat the real ill mitch?!?! waaassuuppppp

  53. yo fans. ill mitch not real. i no rap. it all joke. see you “around” next time

  54. I can’t believe Ill Mitch isn’t real. I finally thought that the world was going to have a full-fledged Russian rap star. Well, we’ll just have to keep waiting….


  56. Ill Mitch is real, I bought his CD. It is great

    “I got 2 sides, 1 happy, one anger
    You can ask stranger
    My board fast and danger”

  57. I head a sample of a bunch of his songs, and he ROCKS! Haha.

    “One day I was walking in Russia
    The police came up to me and said ‘Ill Mitch I don’t trus’ ya'”

  58. My love for you is ticking clock
    Would you like to suck my cock

  59. ill mitch is a joke

  60. i really hate ill mitch. I write him emails and he gets mad at me and calls me a homosexual.

  61. i want make russian fuck to silly rapp man who punches so sexily and board rides so …seriously! mmm this man of my homeland russia is much tasteful in the meaning of class and literal!

  62. ill mitch is fucking sexxxxxxay whoa damn i wanna get a piece of that ass lata ill

  63. hey all u haters and apprietiaters! ive got a few words for u peeps! for the haters, you suck russian cock! ill mitch is tight son and i believe in him! for all you apprietiaters i send my love! you are kind people and i know you believe ill mitch is real too. he is the best thing since buttered bread. i love that guy!

  64. ill mitch not real, it is all joke, cd was made as joke, i do ride fast board but rap not real. sorry fans

  65. YO, ILL mitch’s shit is bangin, his shit is stupid fly. I saw him in ohio last weekend he is the real deal. Jay-z’s shit cant touch it and i saw sprewells on his drop bentley. Hes got the best whips in america. USSR forever!!! Communist Revolutio !!!! doviedanya

  66. even if illmitch isnt real, hes still the illest thing ever and i love him. what time is it? its time to get ill….mitch!

  67. I need more crack, Im fiendin’ here, comeon Mitch, ILL me up some of your fine raps to clam me down, ILL Mitch 4eVeR

  68. ok well some friends of mine and i came across ill mitch at a party last night and his songs made me laugh so hard that my stomach still hurts this morning. if you want his music, get on kazaa and you can d/l a few of his songs, god they have everything on the internet. and yes my email address is a joke, we sent ill mitch some “fan” mail last night, i know it is cruel, but god it was so funny.

  69. ill mitch is the gayest person I’ve ever seen before. don’t know why any of you people would waste your time on a gay faggot like him. Please for all our sakes get a life. all he is, is a government controlled conspiracy. GET LIVES!

  70. I’ve got his songs…they’re kick ass russian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Hes a fucking queer…… i sent him email…i bet he’ll post my email on his news..hes that gay!

  71. I clearly agree with Jebadiah, how can u retards spend soo much time on a big fagget like Ill mitch. what the hell does he think he is doing? “yeah fans. go put signs up all over city!!!” yeah Ill mitch, that will make u look cool RETARD!!!

  72. Spend so much time on him? uhhh you fucking posted here to fucker…

  73. Yo, ill mitch is the shit, yo.
    He punch while rap & rocks the fast and danger board. yall cant front.

    he got skills because he’s ill.

    Long live the Ill One. the russian feel one.

  74. He ride his skate board with a boner. HAHA!! Sit on my anger sword? He means his penis ;)

  75. Yeah, anger sword is me penis

  76. ill mitch is the coolest. i love “Fast and Danger” we throw flower at face and yell lasier tag! that means you tag by lasier!
    man, hes the shit! i love it, can’t get enough.
    he boards faster then ranger ford!
    he rides with bonnnner!
    he’s the coolest!
    all respects out to you ill mitch.

  77. I’m laughing my fucking ass off!!! Oh god this shit is hilarious!!!

  78. you are all we talk about mitch, seriously, you should go public, if you didn’t already. even if you have no talentm which you do, you will still make money because people like me will pay to listen to songs by you.

  79. me love his lyrics, they then me on so I get big boner. I stroke it on postor of face. I pretend he is suck me. Anyone else here alot gay? Probably alot of you, who want my e-mail you sillies, hugs and kisses, ILL Ben

  80. Hey, I bet you all are excited like me for his next CD, Beatoff while Rap

  81. It coming out in 3 month. Get ready

  82. Are you riding board with bonner in this one too? I loved that part!!

  83. Yo ill mitch sucks

  84. this kat is so fake is accent is not real and i cant believe he has such a fallowing
    and to sit here and waste so much time on a wach ass fake russian is unbelievable


  86. ill mitch got the ill stylee……when you get lonely, just get up and punch while rap.

    Hey ladies fans can we fall in love?
    best ladies song since ll cool j ‘s i need love.

    ill mitch…keep punching and rapping straight to the top u lil freak. just dont get hurt on your board thats fast and danger!!!!


  88. Ill mitch is the best….. hes not fake either….. anyone who says he sucks prolly takes it in the ass and then has theyre boyfriend lick the cum out of it. Nasty cum slurping faggots!!!!!!!

    Ill Mitch is the fucking shit, if you talk shit, you prolly suck dick.

  89. ness why you trippin?
    ill mitch is like professional wrestling…
    absolutely real

  90. i love ill mitch…i want to mount his russain ass right now….the mutha can flow like no otha.

  91. oral? vato. ILL Mitch es el shit. muy muy chido. ILL Mitch, si tu quieres coca?na, give me your cellular telephone number (specify area code, please).

  92. watashi wa AZN desu. watashi wa ILL MITCH san ga daisuki desu. ILL MITCH san ga sugoi desu. ILL MITCH san omoshiroi shi SEXY shi totemo hansamu da shi kara watashi wa ILL MITCH san ga daisuki desu.

  93. Steve, Tom, Rick, Carlotta, Kirk, and the Beard

    Hey Ill MItch and Ill mitch fans, I want to know if Ill Mitch is a joke or not, his site seems like a joke and its not that professional looking.. correct me if I am wrong, but Ill mitch doesnt seem that ill except mentally!!

  94. I’ve been thinking about it. Is he for real? I don’t know how anybody could just pretend that. i think illmitch takes himself pretty seriously as well as his raps, punching bag, and board ride. And what’s more, you can’t just put together a puffy vest and extremely large red helmet combo like that in US, must have come from Mother Russia.

  95. Thank America for kind word of encourage! I am Ill Mitch and I do love skate fast and danger. Then I punch hard! You like hear my dope tracks? Look for Ill Mitch on file share like Kazaa. I there! Peace out, homos!

  96. Hehe… almost forget! is Ill Mitch fan group place. Go there and help me, Ill Mitch, be famous with America!

  97. Ok….. LIsten UP! I’M Gonna PUt IT DOwn YA HEard ME!…. WHen ME ANd MY BOy H0ss ARe ROllin BLunts WE GOt THe ILL MItch BUmpin… 50 CEnt CAn’t HOld ILL MITCH’s JOck YO.. SOon AS ILL MITCH HIts THe UNited STates THis COuntry IS GOing TO BE OVerwhelmed BY THis LYrical ASsasin!! PEace OUt YO!!!!

  98. Ill Mitch punches like a pussy. What dumbas punches limp-wristed like that? He’s gonna break his wrist if he punches you, so go ahead and let him. It would be hilarious. Couldn’t punch his way out of a paper bag.

  99. You guys seriously need to think about the things you say on here.


    God, seriously, grow up! Some people like him, some people don’t….KEEP YOUR DUMBASS comments to yourself, no one needs to here some smartass forum junky post useless e-mails trying to promote the fact that they are retarded. And stop calling people faggots, it’s not even funny, it’s downright rude and reTARDED. So when you have something really “KICK ASS” to say that is offensive, don’t even say it at all! Because chances are, people won’t think you are witty, they will think you are a downright fucked up in the head. Also, WHY POSE AS ILL MITCH? So you can get some sick pleasure of someone thinking that you are him, and writing a response back to you? I think people like this need to go outside, and get some fresh air.

  100. FAGGOTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. I just wanted to say ILL Mitch has to be gay because I’m in love his sorry ass too.

    Hay… Mr Hater… wanna play?

  102. I just want to say I do suck cock for a living… You don’t think they post these websites for free… Fortunately I no have to gag on this one because he have 4 inch cock hahaha.

  103. No GayManLover, I am cool.

    I pissed at Ill MItch. He fake. He be stupid. Claim to be Russian. What the fuck is that bullshit? Ill Mitch live in Tallahassee! No fuckin Russian or Ukranian…he a FLORIDIAN!!!

  104. I just wanted to say I feel dumb for having wasted 20 min reading this just find out he is a cocksucker… Dude… I am disappointed you would suck cock for a website that isn’t all that. You must not be that good

  105. HEY, HEY!!! Leave Da Man alone… he gosta do what he gosta to do to put a name out there for himself. Hate the game and not the Playa.

    You suck them cocks ILL!!

  106. I just wanted to say life sucks when you have lice

  107. The Gaydar alert is going off on this guy… We can smell our own. If you are ever in Hoboken let me know… I’d love to get up in that sweet ass of yours

  108. Only Dandruff Here

    Dude you have lice?!?!?! You need to take care of that shiznit!

  109. ILL Mitch makes me think of Joe Dirt and Casey Affleck rolled into one… hmmmm

  110. you are all fucked if you can not tell ill mitch is just a normal dude fucking around to be funny

  111. Ummm..Whah

  112. ill mitch has a 2 inch penis and cant rap for shit i should kick his ass for being such a homo…

  113. evryone should get some of ill mitchs shit of kaza and see how much this dude sucks……this faggots rap donsnt make any sence

  114. I don’t care if he’s a fake or not. This guy is funny and original. He’s not a fake like all mainstream sellout rappers i.e. BMX, 50 cents, Buster Rhyms, etc… He’s fun to listen to. Music is supposed to be fun.

  115. I don’t care if he’s a fake or not. This guy is funny and original. He’s not a fake like all mainstream sellout rappers i.e. BMX, 50 cents, Buster Rhyms, etc… He’s fun to listen to. Music is supposed to be fun.

  116. dont care dont care

    dont care…….ill mitch sucks

  117. ill mitch likes to lick big hairy dildos with his mother. everyone on here is gay and should go die because i hate all of you

    eat penis

  118. farts in jew face

    i pooped my pants and ill mitch is penis

  119. ill mitch is a huuuge faggot and takes it up the pooper

  120. ILL mitch, where are you?

  121. ILLMitchHasDickInHisMouth

    ILL Mitch sure does take it in the poopshoot.

  122. Brother Heutis(ODEA)

    I want to nut on ill mitchs face, and then i want him to fist my butthole while he has on his boxing gloves.

  123. Brother Heustis(ODEA)

    I want to eat out ill mitches butthole then eat his shit. I want ill mitch to bust his russian cum on my chest and rub it in like lotion. 8====D ~ ~ ~

  124. u odea faggot….no wonder u go to a all boys schoo…..go fuck ill dogg

  125. Ill Mitch is the tightest thing since MC hammer. he’s going to blow up and sell a million copies. Keep up the good work.

  126. This guy is definitely fake, but it is still funny. If ya don’t like it, why are you listening to it?………By the way, he is definitely a fudge packin’ homo.

  127. I have Ill Mitch’s head in a box.
    So far he hasn’t missed it.
    It doesn’t seem to be rotting yet either.

  128. u guys are really gay… ill mitch is the gayest piece of shit ever… listen to the gay song fast and danger… what the hell does he think hes doing

  129. ill mitch had my babies

  130. I’m confused, is Ill Mitch really a fake? Or was that a fake pretending to be Ill Mitch?

  131. I dont know Sparkle…I love Ill Mitch raps… hey ladies fans can we fall in love? I mean, come on, its great. But i must know also: real or hoax? If its a hoax…its a damn good one. If not…its still a damn good one…

  132. ILL Mitch is real, I fucked him in the ass last night. Then my dad popped his cherry

  133. That kid is right, this is Ill Mitch and he fucked me in the ass…………then his father popped my cherry

  134. punch while rap

    HEY HEY HEY . DONT BE FUCKIN WIT ILL MITCH because he just might come by and pop your cherry bitch.

  135. punch while rap

    HEY HEY HEY . DONT BE FUCKIN WIT ILL MITCH because he just might come by and pop your cherry bitch.

  136. neways ill mitch can kick ne rappers ass here in the usa hes off the heezziee lol

  137. ill mitch is da shiznit yo not da shiznot!! i love him and his sexy pumpkin pie style haircut!! ooohhhhh i wanna cum every time i hear that smooth flowing lyrical assault from his mouth maybe he could rap into my clit……..

  138. ill mitch….man that was some funny shit. i dont see why everyone keeps saying he sucks and shit tho. it was a pretty funny reminds me of something me or some of my friends would do. ah well, ill mitch is pretty tight but i wouldnt listen to him sober…..peace…

  139. Woah, like Ill Mitch be that best rapper yo!

  140. Ill MITCH IS BAD AZZ. I want to party with him and his russian buddies. Bring some russian girls fo sure. Hit me back if your in California.

  141. I don’t know what planet you’ll reside on, but ya need some prozac or something. Granted, this kind could be ok. His flow if pretty tight. His rhymes suck. And “fast and danger”??? Learn some grammer. And some one needs to send him some pix of what skaters wear.

  142. on the real, illl mitch is toit.

  143. if your all gonna dis ill mitch and say you don’t care then why are you posting, he’s not that bad and he has a signiture, but i’m still wondering if it’s a fake or if this kid is for real

  144. Ill mitch is the greatest rapper ever. he is so fast, and danger and good and fun and strong.
    i hit the boxing bag when I rap too, i am just like ill mitch. ill mitch is cool. ill mitch is my favorite. i love ill mitch. it is cool to be a fan of ill mitch.

  145. D I R T Y L A W N C H A I R For Life!

  146. Like dudes… like totally nice the guy. hes all like super delicious. He’s probably like rich, and has butt hairs. Long and lusious butt hairs. Ill Mitch is my fantasy lover forever and ever, and ever plus two times ten, enfinity….like.

  147. This is some funny shit. Like smokking crank is some funny stuff. Need sometthing and someone better like me

  148. we’re british. we have no fucking idea who this guy ill mitch is. he sounds like a lot of fun. also, is it normal for people to document gay fantasies in this list? can someone please make one up about me and antonio banderas?

  149. fuck all u fags that like this bitch, oh ya ill mithc iam the dude that threw that shit at u because u need to take ur russan ass back to russa u fuckin fag and fuck russa

    peace bitches

  150. Ill Mitch is really awesome!! Charlie Head can suck my special places. I am Russian, and Russians are not gay!! Don’t throw fruit at us.

  151. you all haters must be on drugs or somthink. why do you hat on ill mitch like that? he and i know eachother, and he is mad at you for throwing fruit. he find a saturn car and smash irror last week. why he not post naymore?

  152. Krysten!! (#1 ILL Fan)

    ILL Mitch owns. He can put a smile on my face at any time with all his raps that dont make sense. and be careful it is vulgar in his country to make a fake mustache with ur finger. So CAREFUL! haha yeah but im gonna get his shirt and be the only cool one around to wear it.

    (is he real??)

    haha i love it.

  153. Rap is what people with no musical talent do between robbing convenience stores and smokin crack. I mean really, think about it. Talking shit into a mic. Yea, thats talent.

  154. real or not, it’s still jokes man… i mean i thought the site was retarded the minute i saw it… not to mention i still get a kick from listenin to “fans are my friends” LOL… and to those who say rap music in general sucks… u have no idea wut ur talkin about… and especially to mr “bad shit” who thinks he’s so great and rap takes no talent… i’d like to see u do it. Sure there are a lot of shitty artists out there but don’t diss the whole genre… idiot


  156. Nice fuckin helmet dork boy…..Ill Mitch is the biggest tool I’ve ever seen….I hope he gets hit by a car when he’s skating fast and danger…..The only good thing to come out of Russia is Vodka..Good Times!!!

  157. OK…….ILL mitch is the shit…for those of u guys who said that he isn’t…….i would like to see u guys go out in a battle……ILL mitch would win for fucking sure.

    P.S. if u dont have that shirt of “my board is fast and danger” or his cd then you are not cool

  158. Illmitch is actually funny to listen to. The main reason why he is doing what he is doing (and yes its a fake), is beacuse he just wants to make comical music and have fun with it. if you see comedy and you cant even laugh, then there’s something wrong with you. chill out guys and stop being such tight asses.

  159. Im ILL Mitch, now listen me recording
    when I’m on street you know Im speed boarding
    anyone who board shall call me lord master
    oh ho you board? ILL Mitch board faster
    wear oakley shades yes I do
    say no to rollerblades and so should you
    ride my board in the street ride my board and I’m ill
    ride my board so quick ride my board down a hill
    I ride in a pool I ride a half tube
    I board fast like gleaming the cube
    if you got a problem with Tony Hawk
    get off your wheels and take a phony walk
    going so fast you can barely see me board
    I go faster than a ranger ford
    in Russia call me danger lord
    come take a seat on my anger sword

    look at my helmet wear my vest for speed
    when I use the microphone Im the best you need
    I have two side one happy and one anger
    you can ask a stranger my board is fast and danger

    got ILL Mitch style look no one has
    my board wheels spin fast like taz
    NO interviews you bony talkman
    I only listen to my sony walkman
    your momma wack your grannys wack
    keep a handy wipe in my fanny pack
    in Russia woman love her Ford
    I save my money for a hover board
    in Japan you know they got those
    understand I got the hot flows
    when I board I’m never a loner
    on full moon I ride with boner
    looking for target its a missle crises
    wait for impact this is priceless
    boom????????? dust cloud
    cover ears ILL Mitch bust loud

    look at my helmet wear my vest for speed
    when I use the microphone Im the best you need
    I have two side one happy and one anger
    you can ask a stranger my board is fast and danger

  160. So…nice shit!

  161. Ok all i have to say is what is wrong with everybody. It is a funny. How can you say “Learn Grammar” it is a damn joke and it is not literal. How in the hell can you not laugh at his board being named Fast and Danger? Ah fuck it you guys are too stupid to have a fucking sense of humor. Oh wait maybe I should be like the three hundred other people who say you guys are all Homos or Faggots or something. Why in the hell don’t you come up with a different goddamn insult. Or what you could do is just get off your goddamn computer and get a life. Now why don’t you say how gay I am….. That is going to be so goddamn funny. You guys make me very anger.




  165. ILL MITCH 100% rap and Danger

  166. If this is comedy, it is the second gayest comedy i’ve ever seen. The gayest comedy is in your hand while you enjoy the Ill mitch website.

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    See, None of his raps would be good or funny w/out the accent. It’s totally totally the fakest accent i’ve ever heard. Triumph the insult comic dog has a more realistic accent than Mitch. He’s making tons and tons of money off bad (albeit extremely funny) raps. I just wish i’d thought of it first…

  170. guys, i’ve listened to benefit for years, and i’ve also listened to that ill mitch song… i find it funny u guys think they are one in the same… i dont know where you got that from, but their voices are nothing alike. now, take the time to listen to benefit before you diss him. rappers on par with him are very scarce, and that is undenyable…

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  172. I think you all are pathetic. Wasting your time bashing on a guy’s raps which everyone knows is a big joke. I think it is funny to listen to and I agree with ‘somebody’ benefit and ill mitch are too different people. So lets stop harassing a Russian who is trying to have a good time. He is like Sterling Silver *bling,bling*!!! Everyone else….get a life!

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  211. Where exactly IS Ill Mitch these days? Prison? Heaven??

  212. damn u guys’ve been talking about ill mitch since september of 2002. i think i’ve read about half the comments. Ill mitch though doesnt even sound russian . but who ever he really is he’s pretty creative, i mean it’s not that easy to make people laugh their asses off, i gotta give him that.
    MF Doom is hella tight though, and mad lib, i especially like that song “the red” when madlib did work with jay dilla forming jaylib. all the original quasimoto shit is quite good. But yeah ill mitch definaltely had an impact on a great amount of people!!!!!


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  221. Fraser, what have you done.

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  223. Wow… I’m amazed that half of you are actually gullible enough to think that he is a “serious” musician. It’s a joke. He’s kidding. He’s not from Russia. He’s a skateboarding Santa Clause; a rapping Easter Bunny…

  224. Regardless of whether this guy is for real or not, You have to admit he has done a great job promoting himself as a legitimate rapper. Whether you think he’s a joke or not, he’s not much more rediculous than some of the hip hop artists out there now. The bottom line is that listening to someone try to rap in broken russian/english is hilarious and I will to continue to support him if not for simply the fascination of watching him gain more notoriety with such an obvious lack of talent. It worked for Britney, Paris, and Kim kardashian, So why not ILL MITCH?