Before I went to Chile, I compiled a checklist of animals I hoped to see on my travels. As you can see, I did rather well.

Silver Fox

Anyhow, I now have what you’ve been waiting for, primed and ready: pictures of penguins! Just click on the thumbnails to see bigger versions of the images…


  1. Hope you popped into the Penguin Caf?,
    the fish menu is top notch.

  2. I’ve just unchecked every box in your list. Now you haven’t seen any animals.

  3. Welcome back Fraser. I like ‘uncheck’ – it’s like ‘unsubscribe’ – a word that only makes sense after e-mail.

    I wonder if ‘unsee’ can be that far off?

  4. I envy you sir.

    But are you sure it was Chile, looks like you went to Wales with a copy of Photoshop to me?

  5. I liked the picture with the penguins.

  6. They looked like heathen penguins to me.

  7. The disappointment of you seeing no moomins has been overcome by the lovely penguin pics. It kinda looks like you and they went on a big hike or something. Where were their rucksacks?

  8. JesusP: why not go out there and convert them? Praise Him! Send Him fish!

  9. I’d go obviously but I suspect you and MEP would get up to no good in my absence.

    And also I don’t fly.

  10. this is totally random but how cool is this. my mates unsigned band (johnny4) are the support act for n*e*r*d, as in the really cool muic producer maker people at their really rare gig at the astoria on feb 14th. How cool is that!!

    whats a gannett
    do you eckon they do videos or dd’s of the moomins tv show? i well miss it


  11. This is a gannet, although having reserched the matter further it was probably a pelican of some type. I’m not very good with birds.

  12. Haven’t god-botherers caused enough
    misery in S.America already, Scaryduck?

    Jesus, I am sure MEP would lend you his
    infernal flying machine, if it would ease
    your passage.

  13. Jesus P: As the son of a major deity, I would have thought you’d be omnipresent. Or something.

  14. I think that until he’s crucified he remains a
    mere mortal, Scaryduck. Though I a must
    admit, I have had no theological indoctrination
    so could be mistaken…

  15. Until I’m crucified?
    Do you guys know something I don’t?

    Oh, and Fraser it looks like a Gannet to me.

  16. Yes, the picture is most definately a ganet – but the bird I saw was a pelican, I’m sure.

  17. Jesus, what can we say?
    We set a trojan to run on your dad’s
    comp’ and, apart from his collection of
    bukkake we found this sketch he’d
    made of you. There was also an invoice
    for some nails and four by four timber.
    Err, can I have your Easter eggs?

  18. There was a young gaucho named Bruno,
    Who said ‘screwing is the one thing I do know’,
    A woman is divine,
    And a sheep is divine,
    But a Llama is numero uno.

  19. Shameless plug: I’ve followed Fraser’s example and opened a hideously expensive cafepress shop. There will be Penguin gear available too, I’ve just got to get some decent pictures of MEP done first.

    They will, I assure you, rock.

  20. I’m supposed to fly on that?

    Fathers, eh?

  21. What is a Moomin? Fear this is a joke. Tried online dictionary – which kept insisting I meant Mooing (a la sandwich maker)…
    don’t think we have any in Texas.
    (Moomins, not Mooing. Lots of that)
    I’m in Houston – next time fly through here and I’ll treat you to BBQ for making me laugh on a regular basis.
    Go to the singles thing- dying to hear…