OK. It’s not often I need your help, but I need it now. It’s advice I’m after, and I’d like it to be forthcoming in the comments section of this entry, if that’s not too much trouble. Long-term readers may have noticed that I am single – without woman, as I like to say – but 2003 is the year that’s all going to change, and I’m thinking of attending this event to meet some lovely ladies. Does this make me a) a sad or b) realistic? Please let me know.

Disclaimer: I was drunk when I wrote this.


  1. Well , Fraser I don’t think you are “sad” per se.
    It is however sad that you do not have a
    partner and want one.

    Having had a quick scan of the site it looks to be
    professional and, posits 750
    members of the opposite sex – which is a
    goodly number – of a like mind.

    Every woman you would meet there, is there because they want a partner, too.

    So I would say, yes, give it your best shot.

    Dress smart. Act confident.

    Always look at their eyes when you are talking to them. (You can admire their boobs later.)
    And a gentle smile is a powerful weapon.

    Fraser, I am sure every one of your readers will be rooting for you.

    Good Luck.

  2. Ohhhh you have to go! You are sad becuase you don’t have anyone, so that is why you should go. Spend some time finding someone now! Cauz you know what…? If you wait till your old, then you can’t have kids. And, if you have sex it will be old poeple sex and that is kinda of icky. No no do it now while your young and capable.

  3. realistic

    seems to be a nice event. so dress up and go there.

    but search the internet, too.
    aren’t there any single female bloggers out there, who want to volunteer???

  4. It can’t hurt and it might help. What’s the worst that’s likely to happen? Go for it.

  5. *raises hand*. Would you consider a Utah girl?

  6. Miel – you should move here, it would be worth it. It’s weird, as you get older you meet fewer and fewer people i think, and more to the point fewer people you genuinely like. Fraser was one of the people I met for the first time last year and really liked alot.
    But anyway – just incase you can’t move your life to England, Miel…Fraser – yeah – you should go – why not? It might be fun. It might be rubbish, but if you don’t go you wont know either way. You should get a ticket soon tho – the pop up said it was sold out for women and they don’t have billions of men’s tickets left.
    It really fustrates me that you’re supposed to feel bad if you can’t miraculously met a partner in your day to day life. In my day to day life, alot of my friends are gay men (I’m a straight girl) and I only work with one other person and he already has a girlfriend. If i didn’t have a partner (who i met by sheer fluke) then I’d be in the same situation. As indeed are some of my other friends (wrong sex for you tho Fraser). Ohh I dunno. It just annoys me that some people think it’s all really easy. It’s not.
    Anyway – in the meantime, Fraser you rock. You should go.
    /end sermon

  7. Looks like a cool idea- not sure I’d do it myself- but you clearly want to, or you wouldn’t have blogged it ;) So good luck – and make sure you tell us all how it goes!
    While I’m here…
    How do you feel about a goddamn sexy woman (ask Scary bout the rubber panties, hehehe), aged 30 going on 16?

  8. Go go go! You’d be a fool to yourself not to. Should certainly make for some interesting blog entries :0)

    Why didn’t they have things like that when I was single and on the lookout? Ahh yes… something to do with the Internet not quite being invented yet.

  9. OK, OK, OK, I’ll go… forty quid for ritual public humiliation seems a a fair price to pay. I’ll report back on Thursday.

  10. btw – Pinky: what is it with the rubber pants? Do you have bladder issues?

  11. ok, i get it why you’re not available wed AND thur. ;)
    well, i think that at least you are a lucky guy to get all these sweet genuine messages of support, but then maybe it is because you’re a sweet genuine guy.
    aaaah! girls, go for him, go!

  12. :-) Lilou, I’m not going to this event twice in two days… Thursday is something altogether less terrifying.

  13. The event I’m attending is organised by a different company, but they’ve included speed-dating as one of the activities. Should be terrifying/fun.

  14. “Terrifying/fun”, indeed!

    It says in para’ eleven that some were there as
    preparation for this week’s fixture at Vinopolis.

    How long before one of these events is
    televised – “Reality TV” or “Sport”?

  15. Fraser

    Best of luck mate. Until recently, I too was living the life of a single man. Then, in a drunken post-pub haze, I ‘phoned 3 ads from the ‘Soul Mates’ section of Saturday’s Guardian.

    Cutting a long story short, the third message didn’t sound like it had been left by a bunny-boiling psycopath so I left a mumbled and rambling response before dropping into unconsciousness. She called back the next day, we talked, we didn’t bore each other too much, we arranged to meet at a London Tube station, we went to the pub, we went to dinner, we agreed to meet again… and again… and again.

    That all started in August last year. We went on holiday together over Christmas and New Year and, although there were far too few penguins for my liking, I proposed. Well, I proposed a number of things to be honest, most of which should remain private to us, but I also proposed that we wed. She said yes. Ha!

    So, the point of all this was that I just wanted to let you know that I’ve got a girlfriend and you haven’t. No, that’s not right, it was to let you know that synchronicity is a powerfully strange phenomena and you have no idea where an ideal partner might be waiting.

    Events like the one you’re attending simply widen the circle and increase the likelihood that you’ll meet somebody decent who, equally, thinks you’re decent too.

    So, Sad? Naaaaaaa!

    Jo & Me

    Dying to know how you got on.Keep us posted.

  16. Speaking for myself, I’d go just because it’s at Vinopolis, so even if you have to speed date a selection of women who look like Bet Lynch you can still get hammered on some decent plonk.