This weeks I bought myself a new sandwich maker. It is shaped like a cow, and moos when you lift the lid. It is fantastic.


  1. It only goes moo?

    I think some hacking is required Fraser.

  2. You’ll never beat the Breville Pie Magic! NEVER!

    • Hello- I really hope you can help me! I have a breville pie maker thingy but I lost the cutters years ago! Can you tell me what size they are so I can make my own cutter templates? Your help would be truly appreciated- I want those delicious pies!!!!

      Many thanks,


  3. hi
    i am looking to buy a breville pie magic maker but can not find it anywhere can you please let me know as to where i might be able to purchase one

    thank you

  4. hi my name is lena i got a pie breville and there is no booklet can any one help me out lena

  5. i have a the pie maker you seek

  6. I hunted for a pie maker; after giving one to my mum I decided I wanted one. I have hunted for one on and off, finaly finding one on ebay. The only problem was I didn’t realise bits from the USA, needed a transformer. Having bought one I am now enjoying smashing pie’s.

    • hi can you tell me the name of the site you got your pie maker from please as my wife is driving me daft because hers broke.