OK, time to clear out a few of the links that have been cluttering up my PC. Some are good, and some are merely average. Either way, there’s not been enough linkage on these pages of late, and for that I apologise.

1. The weblog of William Gibson, top sci-fi writer.
2. Strange animals in basketball game. Easy to master.
3. Stick figure mayhem. Violence a-plenty.
4. Chat live and online with a real LA gang-banger. Really.
5. Kubrick’s 2001 explained tortuously but beautifully using the medium of Flash.
6 The most depressing animation in The World. Ever.
7. Hi-fi drawing tool.
8. Addictive and challenging game of square manipulation.
9. Weird noises and stuff. Good, despite the annoying browser-resizing nonsense.
10. Ween sing about cheese.
11. Children raised by animals.


  1. The monochrome palate used in #6 is actually,
    quite beautiful.

    Personally, I didn’t find it too depressing.
    Hmmm, wonder if I should seek help?
    (That’s a rhetorical question, by the way!)

    Fraser, first time I’ve seen you post with typos.

  2. Typos? Curses. I hate that. I’ve fixed a couple of things I spotted, but now I’m paranoid that the post is full of them. Penguinista, help me out here…

  3. typo: “…and some are merley average.”

    btw, the real LA gangbanger couldn*t explain gangbang. to nice to be a real gangster. so maybe my dear penguinista-teacher could help me out here?

  4. Thanks Charlotte! It’s always hard to edit yourself… I’m glad I’ve got others looking out for me…

  5. Like Charlotte says…and, #6 should have read, world, I think, Fraser.

  6. Ah, yes. Me stupid. Thanks.

  7. Wow, talk about being quick on the keyboard, Fraser. :)

  8. Spot my howler? Fraser, Chartlotte, anyone!

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