hello girls

OK. I think I’m ready. I’ve combed my legs, ironed my hair, lanced a couple of boils, purchased a fresh tube of cold sore cream, rubbed toothpaste into my gums, bought a stetson, put on a new pair of cycling shorts and retrieved my cleanest pair of y-fronts from the laundrey basket. I’ll also be carrying a cat under one arm, as an expert I know has suggested that this never fails when one is woo-ing women. Ladies, Fraser’s on his way.


  1. what no picture? let’s see your new digs!
    you’re hysterical!
    i promise when you write tomorrow lamenting the experience, i won’t say i told you so. because infact i never offered any advice. i’ve been watching silently for a while. sorry to show my pessimism but i’d hate to see a decent soul battered by the society we live in. who knows maybe there will be one or two decent intellegent people out there to talk to and laugh with. i hope you find them. good luck my friend.

  2. knock em dead mate ! im sure it’l be cool

  3. Gosh. That event sounds both wise and classy.

  4. Um. The above is me being silly – I read it back and think perhaps that didn’t come across sufficiently.

    “Go Fraser!” – spoken in small, shamefaced voice.

  5. Wow, a “clean” pair of Y-fronts. Fraser really is taking this seriously.

    Well impressed!

  6. In fairness, the word was “cleanest” not “clean”. An important distinction. :)

    Good luck Fraser!

  7. I will jealously cross my fingers for you! ;)

  8. I was trying to make Fraser more winsome
    to the ladies and you’ve gone and blown it!

  9. I reckon whatever happens it should be an entertaining evening at least. If laydeez are crazy enough to turn down a man who’s seen penguins in a place that looks a bit like Wales then they dunno what they’re missing.
    Sadly, from that description, we do know what we’re missing, and I’d love to see a picture.

  10. Staing the obvious but the first paragraph from Harry Hills book had me in hysterics.

    If anyone ever introduced themselves to me as a biscuit designer I would be delighted.