air blogjam

Bollocks to this. I’m off to Washington. While not 100% fit, Michael Jordan did play two nights ago against the freakish Yao Ming and The Houston Rockets, and will hopefully be fit enough this evening to take to the court against his old side, The Chicago Bulls. And yes, I’ll be there. Hurrah.


  1. Bollocks to this. I’m off to the kitchen.

  2. how many bollocks do you have to spend`?

  3. Bollocks to all this travel! It is making me envious.

  4. What the hell are bollocks anyway?

  5. Did you happen to notice the complete absence of cowboys, bigots, and handgun toting bible thumpers?

    It’s America so they must be somewhere, right?

  6. New York is not America, by any stretch of the imagination. Of the ten or so times I’ve been to New York I’d say I’ve never really encountered racism or bigotry. The same is true of Los Angeles and Boston, both places where I’ve spent considerable amounts of time. On the other hand, I encountered more bigotry and ignorance from a number of different people on a twenty six hour bus journey between Flagstaff and Wichita than in any other time during my life…