guarded by monkeys

So anyway, I’m standing in The Borderline this evening watching a band I love, Cracker, and the monkey thing begins to bother me again. This is probably of interest to absolutely no-one, but it’s the kind of thing that prevents me from sleeping at night. It all stems from the album Forever, which came out a few years ago, and the lyrics contained within. I’ll give you some examples:

Brides of neptune
Brides of Neptune
Brides of Neptune
Guarded by monkeys


You are so beautiful
You should be guarded by monkeys


You’re so shameless (you should be guarded by monkeys)


Protegido por monos

Four different parts from four different songs, four references to being guarded by monkeys, one in Spanish – what the fuck is that all about?

As I said, of interest to no-one but me…


  1. Monkey bodyguards. Is this the same line of thinking as Monkey Butlers?

    Actually, there was the same sort of monkey fixationon the Boo Radley’s Kingsize album. Turns out that “monkeys in uniform” = gorillas = bodyguards/bouncers. So there you go, then.

  2. I heard prisoners and money in Group4 vans were guarded by monkeys.

  3. No no no. It was shown on their website years ago, they are referring to stone monkeys. There is a location somewhere in the Pacific or Asia, where something is “guarded” by stone monkeys, sort of like gargoyles.

  4. Yesss!!! It’s true!! I love Cracker, and specially this song. But I do think quite often what the hell have these guys with monkeys… A few seconds later I ask myself if I really wanna know…

    P.D.: I actually found this blog searching this song with my firefox url bar. Too lazy… :$

  5. (I didn’t spell correctly my e-mail… My url is the explanation).

  6. haha,
    I was standing in the borderline on the 8th of november 2006 watching them and wondering the same damn thing…

    its the same with Winged Lizards on their Countrysides album

  7. Yeah, wtf is with the Winged Lizards thing? Some inside joke to the band?