me and kevin shields

I don’t know what it is. I go out, I watch bands (in this case Edinburgh based New Order-meets-Fugazi riff-wizards Degrassi and “New York’s next important band” (NME) Ambulance Ltd, when some drunkard approaches me thinking I’m a celebrity guitar genius: “Hey Kevin!” he splutters… “I saw you play with Primal Scream a while back… I can’t believe you did what you did without using samples. How do you do it?” Being not terribly eager to oblige, and having figured out he thinks I’m maverick axe-slinger and underground legend Kevin Shields, I mutter something darkly about not being able to get any privacy and scuttle off to the bar. Still, at least it wasn’t Joey Tempest this time.

And by the way, if anyone is interested, in real life I actually look like Bonnie Langford. With added bulk. No, really.


  1. Could be worse. People say I look like Peter Duncan.

    Can’t see it myself. I’ve always thought of myself more as the John Travolta type.

  2. yeah, but can you tapdance?

  3. John Travolta in his lard days.

  4. Shut it Reg. At least I don’t look like Terry Christian.

  5. or like one of the kelly family,
    hair only.

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    Green Fairy has a load of mates.
    Scaryduck needs us.
    We love Scaryduck.