unreal madrid

Bollocks to this, I’m heading back to London. Upon my return I’ll reveal why it’s better to watch Real Madrid on TV, and relate the celebrity-strewn tale of a night out with the very sadly departed Elliott Smith.


  1. Hey.

    I only discovered Elliot Smith a few months ago after hearing “Needle in the Hay” whilst watching The Royal Tenebaums and found it totally amazing. I probably would have discovered his work sooner if i had watched Good Will Hunting, but i hate the Damon/Afleck combo too much too endure it. Bastards. Anyway, as there is no chance of me getting to appreciate the music live, so i wondered if anyone could point me in the direction of a bootleg recording that i could possibly listen to extermely loud whilst cained?

    I appreciate this isn’t the sort of place to post this sort of request but i really didn’t know where else to put it. Sorry for any offence caused Mister Blogjam. – Law

  2. I’d recommend heading off to Kazaa to download everything you can from the “Everything/Or” album – Elliot’s one true great release.