sex crime ozzy

Ozzy Osbourne, Sex Criminal. I imagine MTV must have censored this particular episode… which is repeated at Global Gourmet (a cooking site), and at the California Criminal Law Board forum, amongst many other places. Meanwhile, there’s further allegations to be found at Dirt World (a mountain biking portal) and also at Buzzle, home of ‘Intelligent Life on the Web.’ Righty-ho then. Warning: graphic language used in all cases.


  1. Well now, of course rape and peadophilia are dreadful, but forcing these women to become “fat and unhealthy” not to mention “ruining their skin, and interfering with their normal routine in life” – now THAT’S pure evil.

    If I had a TV, I’d throw it out the window in rage.

  2. All of these postings seem to be years old, if there were any truth in them, and knowing that celebs tend to pay out when threatened with court (as in Jacko’s case), surely something would have come of them by now ?

  3. I agree with Yorkshire Soul, if these postings were true, we would have heard something about it. I don’t believe it, anyway.. Ozzy is happily married with Sharon, and in those episodes of The Osbournes I’ve seen, they seem to love eachother.. And we would have heard about former sex-scandals, true or false.. Just like jacko, when he’s accused for something, evert scandal involving him, comes up, no matter if it’s old, new, true or false. This about Ozzy is complete crap..