northampton town manchester united

Cobblers stroll down memory lane

This entry is brought to you by the letters C, O, B, B, L, E, R and S.

The fields are green, the skies are blue
the river Nene goes winding through
The market square is cobblestoned
it shakes the old dears to their bones
A finer town you’ll never see
a finer town there’ll never be
Big city lights don’t bother me
Northampton Town I’m proud to be.

NORTH-AMP-TON (ClapClapClap)
NORTH-AMP-TON (ClapClapClap)

To the tune of “The Red Flag“.


  1. Go on the Cobblers!

    I lived in Northampton for quite a few years, so am backing them despite the fact that I’m more of a Rushden & Diamonds fan.

  2. Ooh really? Whereabouts?

  3. Parents live near Brixworth & Pitsford – I lived in town – nr the racecourse.

    Most of the FJ forum peeps live in Northampton.

  4. Bloody useless. Couldn’t even beat Man Utd…

  5. I used to cross the Racecourse every day to get to school…. ahh, happy days.

    No, wait, I *hated* Northampton. What am I saying?

  6. ha! ha! ha! I’m with you on that one buddy.

    Best way to describe Northampton is a service station on the way to the North.

    I’m off there at the weekend for a knees up, but if it weren’t for having friends there, I wouldn’t care if never put foot in the place again. Still, there are worse places. Harlow for example. Or Welwyn Garden City.

  7. Now there’s a blast from the past. I used to date a guy who lived right on the Racecourse. Thank god I never had to live there, is all I can say. Although, I’m not sure that living in Leicestershire at the time was any better.

  8. You never dated one of the Pollard brothers did you Pie? They lived on the racecourse.

  9. Nope, definitely not one of the Pollard brothers.

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