incubus schmincubus

Me, yesterday, apparently
Me, yesterday, apparently

Some friends of mine watched Top Of The Pops with their five year daughter old last night. Included in the show was a performance by popular alt-metal combo Incubus, whose singer Brandon Boyd is something of a renaissance man – artist, author and hero to legions of female fans across the globe. At the culmination of what must have been a very charismatic performance indeed, the girl (extremely bright for her age, obviously) turned around wide-eyed and asked, “Is that Fraser?”

Ladies, you know where I am.


  1. Brandon Boyd is a god…nuff said.

    Liking the blog, lot of em are shite, just came across ures, nice work.

  2. wow. you know, the internet is the devil. yeah. i said the devil. so c’mon. email me punks. ill smoke your ass. in a glass flask. (hah) i can rap yo. so hah. ho.

    just a little confused.

  3. Does this fraser guy look like Brandon Boyd or something? I’ve been told the same thing.