shape tweening

Well Hallelujah. Week three of the animation course has passed in a blur, and I’m fully on the road to becoming the next Walt Disney. The technique mastered this evening is known as “shape tweening” or, as I prefer to call it, the “Psychedelic Animal Melding Process“. I may even expand on this theme before next week’s lesson to provide a full A-Z of animals, complete with realistic wildlife noises. It would be a valuable educational aid for children, I feel.


  1. That’s incredible.

  2. Them be some funky animals.

  3. So that’s why Eisner felt able to kill the Pixar deal, he’s got you on side instead! Phew. For a moment there I was worried I’d made a mistake when I plumped for the stock options. . .

  4. Penguins! At last!

    I hereby declare that the best flash animation in the world, ever.

  5. I second Scaryduck.

    The best flash animation ever ever ever!

    And penuins too! A bonus surely!

    PS. Could you make an animation next week with ligers?

  6. Argh! My mind! You hurt my mind!

    top stuff

  7. It took three weeks to get to that stage?
    I hope the course is free.

  8. It’s only a couple of hours per week.

    And it doesn’t teach me how to draw, which may be where my plot to become a world-famous animator falls down.

  9. I wouldn’t worry Fraser, Reg is only concerned that after three weeks you haven’t made a wombat animation.

    Wombats and ligers. Now that would be special

  10. Oh dear. The ‘W’ and ‘L’ selections for my multiple animal extravaganza are whale and lemur. I hope this won’t alienate him further.