best holiday ever

I want to go on holiday. The two places I most want to visit are Tuva, which I passed within a few hundred tantalising miles of on a train a few years back, and North Korea, although I’m put off the latter simply because it’s impossible to travel independently, and the guided tours don’t offer much by way of opportunity to do anything except under the strictest of supervision.

If I had a spare $18,950, however, I’d already have 2006’s trip sorted out. Voyage to Our Hollow Earth features some serious stop-offs along the way, including:

Day 8: Spend day at the North Pole.

Very nice, but if you’re taking an Icebreaker along, it’s feasible. Things then get a little strange.

Days 15-16: Trip to City of Eden to visit Palace of the King of the Inner World

Yes. This is the Inner World located underneath the North Pole, where King David (a direct descendant of David, who was the founder of the ancient nation of Israel in Palestine) sits on the throne. It gets better:

Within Our Hollow Earth at the City of Jehu, expedition members could take an inner earth monorail train to visit the lost Garden of Eden located under America on the highest mountain plateau of the Inner Continent.

All this, and no mention of nazis. It sounds wonderful, and I want to go. I’m only a little disappointed by the slightly skeptical tone of the disclaimer.

GUARANTEES: By joining Our Hollow Earth Expedition, expedition members agree that there are NO GUARANTEES that this expedition will reach Inner earth.



  1. Fraser –
    I’m up for it! And I have an idea about how we can get the money!

    Email me – you’ve got my address.

    Chris x

  2. $18950 isn’t that much when you consider you’d be able to truthfully say “bollocks to this, I’m off to Our Hollow Earth”.

  3. Hey Perky!

    Come with me and Frazer! It’s on me. I’ll get the money. Don’t know about “truthfully” though!

    You need to contact me, though – I can’t make head nor tail of your website. Like the flowers, though…

    C x